Friday, August 3, 2012


Somebody tell me this is not true!  My calendar claims that it is August 3, 2012 already!  WHAT??  Where did July go?  I had all these plans for getting caught up on my 8 months of blogging before August arrived.  Not only did I not get the blog caught up, I didn't even manage to get the laundry caught up.  Sigh.  But I guess that is okay because I have been on quite a few strolls and bike rides and trips to the park lately.  Our Pacific Northwest summer with daylight lasting til WAY after bedtime has just been beckoning us to enjoy it.  So we have.  I have pictures to prove it.  But, pictures from camera to computer...yep, something else I haven't caught up on yet.  Guess you'll just have to trust me.  
So, while we are spending our time enjoying the summer and trying hard to convince our babies that sleeping all night is a great idea and that bottles are now a bad is a quick pic just to say Hi!

Can't wait to get a chance to tell you what all we've been up to the past 8 months...I bet it doesn't take much of your imagination to know that part of it includes chasing kiddos around. Ha! But there is oh so much more.  I know I keep saying that.  But really, it's true!  Just wait, you will find out.  May not happen until the rain returns and the days get shorter but it WILL happen.  I'm not giving up on me yet.  
Happy August Everyone!!!