Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome Ryne William Lewallen

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
7.4lbs 20in.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Is that curly hair?
Check out the manly measurements on that chest!

Kyle's baby's momma giving his baby lovin'

Proud Pops!

Can you say excitement?
Of course Kade thinks that everyone's nose is suppose to go honk-honk!
We apologize for the delay in posting these pics. Internet was not cooperative at the hospital.
We got home tonight (12.31.08) about 7:30pm.
Momma and baby Ryne are doing great!!
Check back soon for more pics of Ryne and Christmas 08 festivities!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

The last few days we have had a rare treat for the Pacific Northwest....LOTS OF SNOW!!
The pictures below are mostly from Friday, which was two days ago and it snowed again yesterday and we are expecting more snow today. We probably have about 8 inches or so at our house. Church was canceled today because of the snow. We did make a trip to the grocery store yesterday and it was CRAZY...I mean, crazier than the day after Thanksgiving!
We are having a Christmas Party at our house tonight and have invited all of our neighbors. We're hoping that since it is so snowy and people can't really go anywhere that they'll just walk down the street and come party with us.
Enjoy the pics of the snow from our trip out and about town a couple of days ago!
Oh, and please pray that my family can still get here for Christmas this week!
A cool tree at a little park in our neighborhood.

Check out those icy streets! There aren't even any paths on them today!
Kade getting serious about the snow.
We took Kade to the park and let him play in the fresh snow. He thought it was GREAT!
I think Kade's favorite thing to do in the snow is make tracks! He kept finding places that hadn't been touched and trudged right through like a real adventurer!
Just look at that smile!
Daddy and Kade at the park.
Making monkey faces at each other....totally un-snow related, but cute just the same.
A look out our back door this morning...hopefully, you can tell that we have a LOT more snow now!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Very Own Winter Wonderland

We woke up yesterday morning to SNOW!!! We got a nice blanket of snow while we slept. It was beautiful! Kade got to go outside and play for a while and he had a blast. All the boys in the neighborhood were out building forts and having snowball fights in the street....nice to live on a non-busy street. Most of the pictures are from yesterday. We woke up this morning and it had snowed MORE! And it has been snowing all day!! We have several inches of snow and it is absolutely fantastic....of course we can say that because we haven't had to get out in it to try and go anywhere. You might expect this to be the norm for us, living in Washington and all, however, from what we hear this is not quite the norm. Usually don't get snow in our part of Washington and it usually doesn't get this cold and stay this cold. But we certainly are enjoying it this year!

Kade and his snowball, that the kid across the street gave him.
All bundled up!
Kade thought he was just as big as the big kids and kept wanting to help them build their fort.
Not sure what this funny face is about.
Daddy keeping an eye on the little man while he played in the street.
Inquiring minds....
Can you tell that he is loving this snow business?
More snow today...a look out our back door into the green belt.
One last look at the snow falling hard today...notice Kade's carousel is getting covered!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Very Fun Day!

Today we had a treat! Michael W. Smith was up near Seattle on his Christmas tour and we got to go. The real treat for us was that Christa, my college roommate, tours with him and we got to see her. It has been almost 5 years since we've seen each other so it was exciting to get to see her. Kade had a blast. He loved all the music and getting to meet the guitar player, drummer, piano player (Michael himself), and hanging out with "CJ" (Christa Joy). Another special part of the concert was that Melinda Doolittle was a part of the show. Why is that special? Well, when I was pregnant with Kade we watched American Idol every week and she was on then. In fact, we were watching in the delivery room when Kade was born. We got to tell her that story in person and she thought it was pretty cool. We say a great big THANK YOU to CJ for making time for us today and introducing us to her friends. It truly was a special treat. Enjoy some pics from the day:

Kade and Kyle waiting for the concert to start.

That's Christa in the gold shirt...singing her lungs out!

Another shot of Christa and the gang...all very cool people that we got to meet after the show.

Smitty playing that piano...He was amazing!!

Kade with "CJ" after the show.

Christa, Kade, and Smitty!

Look, Baby Ryne got to make this picture too!

Here we are with Melinda Doolittle...she's like part of the family since she was hanging out in labor and delivery with us via American Idol. Very precious girl!!!

"Birthday to you Monk Monk!"

"Happy Birthday Kid Sister!!!" We love you!!

Kade is practicing..."Birthday to you Monk Monk.....Birthday to you Monk Monk"
and he's using the microphone you got him Aunt Monk!

Kade thinks we should take a picture in front of the Christmas tree every day!

Kade wanted to "cheese" with his elephant slippers on!

Kade got a Package... a BIG Package!

The UPS man made a delivery to our house last night and it was so big that Kyle thought it was a refridgerator! But was a package that C.G. sent to Kade! He opened the box and saw what was inside and got soooo excited. It was a carousel to put in the yard for Christmas. He couldn't wait to get it put up so we had to bundle up and go outside so Daddy could get it set up.

Kade admiring what is inside his huge box!

All bundled up to go outside and set up the carousel.

Kade helping Daddy get the parts together.

Checking out the finished product.

Kade would stand still as the carousel turned and tell us about each character that was riding the reindeer. He knew them all...penguin, elf, santa, bear....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun times with Kade

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks that just show how much fun Kade is to have around. Be sure and catch his video at the end.

Kade sporting his Wendy's-Sack-Hat and just hanging out.

Enjoying a fudge-cicle at Shorty Small's.

Looking cool in his new orange vest from Cousin Joy.
Kade loves it because his favorite color is orange.

A visit from Monk Monk, Aunt Bib and Maw Maw Frances while we were in Spiro.
Kade was ecstatic that they came to see him!

See how happy Kade is to be hanging out with Monk Monk?!

A little pose in front of the Christmas tree at home.

See my gloves, Mom!! Now, let's go to the park for the Christmas tree lighting!

A family pic at our city's Christmas tree lighting event...notice that Kade didn't keep those gloves on.

And a pic with Santa at the coffee shop!

My personal favorite: Kade singing us a Welcome Home song. The first thing he did when we got back from Oklahoma was run get his guitar and sing us a song. He was glad to be at "Kade's house"!

Friday, December 5, 2008

In Memory of Sir Esau Lewallen

Today we said goodbye to Esau. He had gotten very sick since we moved to Washington and it became evident that we needed to let him go and not suffer any longer. We have had Esau since right after Kyle and I got married. He was a birthday present to Kyle from Brian and Kimberly. He has been a great dog! Esau thought everyone was his best friend and was happy anytime he was getting attention. Kade thought he was a pretty cool dog and Esau adored Kade.

We sure are going to miss him.

Kyle getting Esau for his birthday.

Kyle and Esau's first day together.

Just a silly picture at Christmas 05 in Spiro.

Our family picture Christmas 05 in Spiro.

Kyle and Esau spending some time at the "lake" in West Memphis. One of Esau's favorite things was to swim!

Kyle and Esau posing so handsomely.

Going for a family walk on our trail in Washington.

Esau loved getting to go for walks anytime!