Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Very Own Winter Wonderland

We woke up yesterday morning to SNOW!!! We got a nice blanket of snow while we slept. It was beautiful! Kade got to go outside and play for a while and he had a blast. All the boys in the neighborhood were out building forts and having snowball fights in the street....nice to live on a non-busy street. Most of the pictures are from yesterday. We woke up this morning and it had snowed MORE! And it has been snowing all day!! We have several inches of snow and it is absolutely fantastic....of course we can say that because we haven't had to get out in it to try and go anywhere. You might expect this to be the norm for us, living in Washington and all, however, from what we hear this is not quite the norm. Usually don't get snow in our part of Washington and it usually doesn't get this cold and stay this cold. But we certainly are enjoying it this year!

Kade and his snowball, that the kid across the street gave him.
All bundled up!
Kade thought he was just as big as the big kids and kept wanting to help them build their fort.
Not sure what this funny face is about.
Daddy keeping an eye on the little man while he played in the street.
Inquiring minds....
Can you tell that he is loving this snow business?
More snow today...a look out our back door into the green belt.
One last look at the snow falling hard today...notice Kade's carousel is getting covered!


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

What a beautiful snowfall!! How about the snow ice cream? Seems like forever ago that we did that. Can't wait for Wed. to get here. Love and miss you all bunches, Granddaddy and CG

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Okay - wow!! What more could a girl want....Terry, Kade, Kyle, Mountains, Christmas Time, AND SNOW??!!?? Wow - I wanna be there!!! Love ya - Bib