Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kade got a Package... a BIG Package!

The UPS man made a delivery to our house last night and it was so big that Kyle thought it was a refridgerator! But was a package that C.G. sent to Kade! He opened the box and saw what was inside and got soooo excited. It was a carousel to put in the yard for Christmas. He couldn't wait to get it put up so we had to bundle up and go outside so Daddy could get it set up.

Kade admiring what is inside his huge box!

All bundled up to go outside and set up the carousel.

Kade helping Daddy get the parts together.

Checking out the finished product.

Kade would stand still as the carousel turned and tell us about each character that was riding the reindeer. He knew them all...penguin, elf, santa, bear....


Monkey said...

Cool. I think I should come see that. ;)

Emily said...

haha...i guess monkey will have to make the trip after all now that you have a christmas carousel. i'm sure she was having trouble convincing herself to make the trip otherwise... ;)