Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun times with Kade

Here are a few pictures of the last couple of weeks that just show how much fun Kade is to have around. Be sure and catch his video at the end.

Kade sporting his Wendy's-Sack-Hat and just hanging out.

Enjoying a fudge-cicle at Shorty Small's.

Looking cool in his new orange vest from Cousin Joy.
Kade loves it because his favorite color is orange.

A visit from Monk Monk, Aunt Bib and Maw Maw Frances while we were in Spiro.
Kade was ecstatic that they came to see him!

See how happy Kade is to be hanging out with Monk Monk?!

A little pose in front of the Christmas tree at home.

See my gloves, Mom!! Now, let's go to the park for the Christmas tree lighting!

A family pic at our city's Christmas tree lighting event...notice that Kade didn't keep those gloves on.

And a pic with Santa at the coffee shop!

My personal favorite: Kade singing us a Welcome Home song. The first thing he did when we got back from Oklahoma was run get his guitar and sing us a song. He was glad to be at "Kade's house"!


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

He has learned how to hold his guitar around his neck!! Sure can play a pretty tune after he got the cords adjusted. He is just the cutest thing around. Love ya bunches!! Only 16 days left!

Deby said...

I agree with Grandaddy & C.G.....he's just the cutest!!! I am amazed with how good he has gotten on the guitar. You can tell that guitar techniques have been model for him, and he never forgets anything! I love, love it, but realize just how much I miss seeing him! I'm excited for you, C.G.!

patti said...

oh yes...such a funny, adorable just precious kiddo! my fav is the wendy's hat on head.

sorry to read of your loss. Always hard but what peace we can find to know that our loved ones are at their heavenly home.

big hugs!