Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our First Real Boo Boo

Yesterday Kade was helping me move pillows from the loft to the bedroom...he always has to help if we are working around the house....anyway, he tripped on one of the pillows and hit is eye on the ottoman for the rocking chair in the loft. It busted his poor eye and started bleeding. He was such a trooper and only cried for a couple of minutes. While we were doctoring him up he just kept saying "more pillows"...he knew he didn't have his job finished. As soon as he was bandaided up he went right back to the loft and finished putting the pillows in the bedroom.
I was really sad that he got hurt...Kyle was really proud of him for being so tough.
We did have to go to the store for cool bandaids after he woke up from his nap. You can see the purple bandaid below.

A Grand Washington Adventure

On Friday we went on our first family trip since moving to Washington. We had been seeing the reports of snowfall at the local mountains on the news and decided to take Kade to check it out. We were hoping to get a good Christmas card shot of Kade in the snow but he wasn't interested in posing for the camera...just playing in the snow and watching the footprints his boots left behind. It was a lot of fun to let Kade play in the snow.
When we left the mountains we went by to see Snoqualmie Falls. They were beautiful! Taller than Niagra Falls and quite the tourist attraction here in Washington.
Here are some pictures of Kade in the snow and the cool falls that we got to see:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Afternoon at the Park

We took a little time this afternoon and went to the park. It was a beautiful day and the rain is supposed to be coming back our way tomorrow so we wanted to get out of the house while we could. Kade really loved the slides...he kept telling us "a din, a din, slide a din" (again, again, slide again). He also thought all the red leaves were pretty cool. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week at a Glance

It was a busy week this week...can't believe that it is over already.
Monday we had dinner guests and spent the day preparing for that. It is always good to have people come visit, Kade especially loves company. Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy days and we spent a lot of time inside trying to get things done. Thursday was kind of a girls day out. I got to go to Bible study and then lunch with Alissa and Thursday night we had a make-over night to help out a new friend from church. Friday we went to the doctor. Kade went with us and was extra good in the doctor's office. Doc said that things look good with Ryne and we go back in two weeks. Spent Friday afternoon shopping and had a good time. It was a beautiful day today and Kade and Alissa and I went to a Holiday Bazaar here in DuPont and Kade got to play on the playground. Then Kyle, Kade and I got a tour of Fort Lewis from one of our friends at church. It was pretty cool! Very big place and AMAZING views of Mt. Ranier.
Enjoy the pics from this week:
Flowers from our dinner guests Jerry and Brenda.
Kade driving the Home Depot car! He really likes that it is orange.

He can steer with both wheels at one time.
When we get tired of driving we stop to read books about plumbing...yes, that is exactly what he picked out to look at.
This would be a cute picture if he would've looked at the camera but he doesn't really like to pose much these days. We were getting ready to go for a stroll.
Look at my boots! They're like Grandaddy's! Kade just had to have these.
Just a look at the trail that runs right behind our house. We love it!
Yes, this is right behind our house! And we live in the city!
All the Lewallen boys on the trail!
Doesn't it look like we live in a forest?
Kade climbing up the giraffes at the play area in the mall.

The giraffes were his favorite!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a Quick Update

We've had a busy couple of's a few pics of Kade from this week:
Checking out the oranges.
Letting Mom know this is an "orange".

Look Daddy found my Razorback hat.
Just being silly!
He makes us laugh all the time.
Check out this cool hat I found to wear!
I think I'll wear it to sing Happy Birthday to my cousin Brandon!
Hi Brandon and Aunt Kim!! This web-cam-phone-call stuff sure is handy. We got to see Brandon on his 4th Birthday!
Another cute picture of Kade in his cool hat!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Family Visit

Cousins William, Dina, and Jude came down from Seattle to see us today. Kade was sooo excited to have company. In fact, Kyle and I were in the kitchen when they arrived and Kade saw them or heard them outside and came running into the kitchen yelling, "Jude, Jude, Jude, Jude!!!" He had never met Jude but we told him that they would be able to play together and that was all Kade needed to get excited. We had a fun visit. Had dinner and hung out....Kyle and William got to watch some football. The best part of all was watching Kade and Jude play....They had a ball. I think they will both sleep very hard tonight.

Kade and Jude. Jude is four months younger and looks like four inches taller!
Not one of these boys went anywhere without the other the entire night.
Kade had to introduce Jude to squirt.
I was in the kitchen and the boys came in each wearing a rain boot...and each one had it on the wrong foot. They were too cute!
They really had fun playing peek-a-boo on the stairs.


Halloween was a fun day. Kade really had a big time this year. He spent the morning playing in an empty box, the afternoon checking out some red leaves that had fallen and then of course came the trick or treating! He was the cutest little dinosaur. We went to downtown DuPont to trick or treat....lots of other children there. Kade was fascinated by it all. The we went to church to a carnival where the fun and games continued. It was a long day but lots of fun and we are rationing out that candy that Kade was so excited to be getting. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our day.

Mommy's little jack-n-the-box!
Check out this cool red leaf...
And there's another one...
We sure do like fall in Washington.
Kade's favorite part of trick-or-treating...meeting Popeye and Olive Oyle.
Kade kept having to stop and check out his loot.
We also had to stop to meet the doggy dressed like a lobster.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Every now and then our little dinosaur would get tired and Daddy would have to help him out.
Checking out that candy again.
That's a big pumpkin for such a little guy.
(It was Daddy's pumpkin when he was a little boy.)
A rare picture of our "hooded" dinosaur....Kade didn't much like to keep the hood up.
Playing putt-putt at the church carnival.
Kade spent most of the night at the duck was his favorite....there was water to "plash" around in.
Kade and Mommy both got their faces painted at the carnival.