Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was a fun day. Kade really had a big time this year. He spent the morning playing in an empty box, the afternoon checking out some red leaves that had fallen and then of course came the trick or treating! He was the cutest little dinosaur. We went to downtown DuPont to trick or treat....lots of other children there. Kade was fascinated by it all. The we went to church to a carnival where the fun and games continued. It was a long day but lots of fun and we are rationing out that candy that Kade was so excited to be getting. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our day.

Mommy's little jack-n-the-box!
Check out this cool red leaf...
And there's another one...
We sure do like fall in Washington.
Kade's favorite part of trick-or-treating...meeting Popeye and Olive Oyle.
Kade kept having to stop and check out his loot.
We also had to stop to meet the doggy dressed like a lobster.
It was a beautiful afternoon. Every now and then our little dinosaur would get tired and Daddy would have to help him out.
Checking out that candy again.
That's a big pumpkin for such a little guy.
(It was Daddy's pumpkin when he was a little boy.)
A rare picture of our "hooded" dinosaur....Kade didn't much like to keep the hood up.
Playing putt-putt at the church carnival.
Kade spent most of the night at the duck was his favorite....there was water to "plash" around in.
Kade and Mommy both got their faces painted at the carnival.


ashleydiggs said...

That little dinosaur you have there is too cute!

MOM said...

Oh, Ter, Kade looks so grown up in the red leaf pics. Don't let him get too big before Christmas. Love ya and miss ya, MOM

Monkey said...

Is that Larry on Kade's face?

mom said...

No, Aunt Monks, It's Bobby!!! love ya, mom