Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smiles from Ryne

Ryne is now 8 1/2 weeks old and getting happier by the day. We think he is really starting to adjust to life. He smiles a lot and yesterday morning he was laughing at me. He is working on figuring out how his voice works and that is pretty cute. He tries to grab the toy on his bouncy seat and likes to watch it move all around. All in all, I'm giving this past week a thumbs up!! Both of our boys were pretty good. And I got to get out and go grocery shopping without the boys one afternoon and finally got to go get my hair done (it had been since before Christmas that I last had it done...color was needed!). Kyle was great to keep the boys and let me do that. Plus he has also been keeping them in the mornings while I take a little time and go to the gym. So, I'm feeling better and my hair looks better and Ryne is happier...that certainly makes for a good week.
Oh, and let me mention a super fabulous surprise that I had this week.....
Kyle told me the plans he made for our 5th anniversary. We are going to Canada to go snow skiing!!!!!! Heading out to Whistler, one of the greatest places to ski in the world, I'm told. Now, you might be asking the same thing I was: How are we going to ski with a 2 year old and a 2 month old? Kyle has secured us a traveling nanny!!! Our neighbor Stephanie is going with us to take care of the boys. I can't even tell you how excited I am....Kyle got me a super deal on some skis today. Craig's list is great. I now own my very own pair of skis. WOW! Hope I remember how to use them.
What is has been going on in our world? Kade continues to amaze us. He knows his letters and likes to "play letters" as he calls it, using the magnetic letters on the fridge. He can spell Ryne's name because he has practiced looking at the letters on the wall int he nursery. His favorite word this week is "probably". We daily hear things such as "I probably need a snack", "I probably need some more milk", "I probably need to go downstairs", "I probably need to play train", "I probably need to watch a movie", "I probably need my ball". Basically, if it is a phrase that "probably" can be used in front of, Kade proabably says it.
Today, Kade was such a big boy. He went to the Aquarium in Seattle with our neighbors Justine and Stephanie. They said he had a really big time...hope to get some pics from that trip to show.
So here are some of Ryne's smiles for you:

This is an after bath photo so you can see how big this boy is getting...look at that double chin he's getting!


Monday, February 23, 2009

"I Need Rain Mommy"

We are sitting at lunch yesterday, Kyle and I are having a subway sandwich and Kade is eating a lunchable. Our neighbors Justine and Stephanie were over and we were all just chatting. Kade suddenly interrupted with a pretty persistent request: " I need rain, Mommy, I need rain". To which I responded, "you need rain?" And quite confidently he said, "yeah, I need rain for my umbrella...I made an umbrella." And sure enough, he had made an umbrella, out of the round piece of turkey from his lunchable. He had bitten it just right to make the shape of an umbrella. It was the cutest thing! We were so proud of his creativity. Here's a picture to prove it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Instead of Snow-Shoeing....

So, Kyle is gone to Mt. Rainier to snow shoe with a group from the church....and since the boys aren't quite old enough to venture out for that we are hanging out at the house today. Thought I could take the opportunity while Kade is watching a movie and playing "airport" and Ryne is content in his bouncy seat to post a few pictures. Of course they are of the boys. If you're getting tired of little boy pictures, I'll try to get Kyle to post some snow-shoeing pictures from his trip for you. Anyway, these are a few pictures of Ryne from week 2...just got them but thought they were sweet enough to share. Then we have pics of Kade at one of the parks near our house, followed by a couple more pics of Ryne so you can see just how much he is growing.
Good news in our world...Ryne has cried less the last couple of days...had more happy time throughout the day with lots of smiles and coos. Kade has been sweet as ever, a few little 2 year old fits here and there but nothing major that he hasn't gotten over quickly. Mostly he just makes us laugh. I sure hope he stays this funny.
Well, enjoy the pics of my precious boys:

Look at that sweetness....this is one of my faves!

Couldn't believe he was actually sleeping...the girl who took our pics really wanted to get some sleeping pictures and came back a second time to catch him getting some zzz's. can see my "Ryne ring" here. Kyle gave it to me at the hospital after Ryne was born. I have one that I got after Kade was born too. I have such a sweet husband!

I certainly didn't plan on being in pics that day but I love this picture of Ryne so I had to share.

Think this kid is happy to be at the park?

He climbed all the way up to the fort...loved hanging out there and I loved that it was all enclosed with nowhere for him to fall down.


Kade had no problem climbing the steep stairs...coming down however, his Daddy and I decided he needed some help.

Here's little Ryne man hanging out in his bouncy seat....can anybody tell how much he has grown?

One last cute face from Ryne to make you smile. I think he was trying to sing a song here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Lately

Well, I have heard from several people throughout my life that having your first child is a much bigger adjustment that adding child number 2. I officially disagree! Ryne is almost two months old and I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle life with two little guys. Kade and Ryne ALWAYS seem to need something at the same online students of course would like for me to grade the work they turn in.....dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty diapers, dirty floors would all like to be cleaned (dirty diapers get priority here)....Kade needs yet another snack....Ryne also needs another snack, too.....shower? really, when?....I guess I must take those if I'm trying to schedule in a trip to the gym every morning. Yikes! And of course there's the occasional trip to the grocery store to get more "snacks" for Kade! I totally know that if it weren't for having a great husband to help me out I would be completely crazy by now! Yes, he has done his fair share of laundry washing, dish washing, floor cleaning, diaper changing and snack supplying! And I'm very thankful for those nice breaks to be able to get out of the house and head to the gym while Kyle does Daddy duty. So, if I haven't responded to an email, phone call, or facebook message: now you know why! If you're still waiting for a Thank You note from Baby Ryne, it's on the way (stayed up until they were finished last night!). Yippee...something did get accomplished in my world yesterday. Now let me tell you about these pictures so I can clean a little house before Bible Study here tonight...well, I'm sure Ryne will be ready to eat again before I get to the cleaning. Oh, Well! I LOVE being Mommy!

Valentine lunch at Olive Garden. VERY YUMMY!

You can tell from Kade's face here that he was really liking dessert!! Might have been my favorite part of the meal as well!

Ryne's V-day outfit. Doesn't he look so grown up?

Beautiful roses from my sweet husband. They accompanied two new pair of boots for Valentine's day. I'm spoiled!

Kade getting in his last little bit of Monk Monk time.

And after Kade went to bed, Ryne was able to get in some Monk Monk time of his own.

Kade's new favorite thing...Choo Choo Train Tracks!
We bought this train track over a year ago and put it in the closet for later. I noticed at church Sunday just how well Kade played with the train set in the nursery so I decided to get this out and see if he liked having one at home. It was a hit!! He is actually quite good at putting the tracks together. We've played trains a lot this week.

Driving his train over the bridge...yes, it's going backwards but Kade has very skilled conductors running his trains.

The whole set up.

So, this spot here is literally 4 minutes from our house. We went to Solo Point on Monday evening to watch the sun set. It was absolutely beautiful! Right on the sound and on a clear day you look across at the Olympic Mountains. It's going to be a great place to put some kayaks in the water when the boys get a bit older. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we live much to take in of God's amazing creation. Come see us and we will do our best to show it all to you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Fun With Monk Monk

The past two days have been lots of fun! On Thursday Monk and the boys and I got out of Kyle's hair for a while and had a day at the mall. Kade and Ryne were great...ate lunch, took naps in their strollers and got to play at the "playground". We happened upon the family lounge in the mall because we needed to change a diaper.....I don't know if I will ever go to another mall besides this one again...why? Check out the pics of the family lounge:

Kade playing in the family lounge while Ryne got to eat.

Nursing rooms in the family lounge.

Changing tables. Each with a mirror and sink and trash can accompanying it..oh, and mobiles hanging overhead.
And the bathroom has a grown up potty and a little guy potty and little guy sink and little guy paper towel was all just Kade's size! Way cool! There was also a microwave available and bottle warmers and a t.v. playing cartoons. I was very impressed!
After our stop at the family lounge we had some shopping to do. This is when Ryne and Kade both conveniently took their naps.

Poor Kade, he needs a sleep friendly stroller...but he had "blue" so he didn't seem to mind.

And baby brother getting some zzz's.

We woke Kade up to let him play at the playground. He was thrilled!
Here he is driving the blue car.

And driving the red car.

Climbing on the fish.
After this we had to make another stop at the family lounge because Ryne was ready to eat again. Swung by starbucks and the ice cream place for a snack on our way.
Later that night Monk served us up a nice treat...she kept the boys so that Kyle and I could go out. It was our first time to leave Ryne....but we needed it. It was our first time out to dinner alone since my birthday in October. Thanks a bunch Monk!

So, yesterday turned out to be a nice day and we set out to see some more of Washington. In particular we wanted to get to the coast and see the Pacific Ocean. Kyle picked us out a loop that took us all the way up the sound, around the Olympic National Park (BEAUTIFUL!), up to Port Angeles, through Forks (the setting of the Twilight books for any of you who familiar with the books or movie), down the pacific coast and back home. It was quite a day! Lots of hours in the car but well worth it and both boys were such troopers. Monk was quite a trooper too as we drug her all around the state of Washington with two babies! Here are some pics from our journey:

Lunch at Downriggers in Port Angeles with a view of the straight. Kade and Kyle are blowing on Clam Chowder...Kade's lunch....he LOVED it. Kyle says it was the best clam chowder he's ever had!

Ryne got to have lunch in Port Angeles too. Daddy gets the "burping" job.

Our view from Port Angeles....Mt. Baker is visible in the distance on the right.

Here we are at our first view of the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. We are actually at LaPush here for any of you Twilight fans! Can't you see Bella and Jacob hanging out on one of these logs?

Another shot of the Pacific.

And another picture for the Twilight fans out there...We really did go to Forks!

Today is our last day with Monk...can't believe she has to leave tomorrow. Boo!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mt. Rainier

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. We decided to take advantage of it and make a trip to Mt. Rainier. It was a nice trip. Both of the boys were troopers! And Monk I think is finally convinced that there is a big mountain here. (On her trip here at Christmas we kept telling her that is was magnificent but there was never a clear day for her to see it...she decided it must all be a hoax.) Anyway, we made it back just in time for Bible Study at our house last night. Which, by the way, is going really well. Last night was our 4th meeting and each week we've had someone new come.
Well, here are some pics from our Mt. Rainier day. Enjoy!

Ryne, all bundled up and ready to go. You won't see any more pics of him because he slept the entire trip until he got hungry on the way home.

Entering the park.

Just a beautiful view on our way up the mountain.

Me and my kid sister posing in front of some marvelous scenery.

Kyle and Kade taking a break at Paradise...that was as far as the road was cleared.

And this was supposed to be our picture with the top of Mt. Rainier in the background behind us but by the time we got to Paradise the clouds had rolled in and the big volcano was hiding again.

Kyle climbed up on a huge mound of snow to scope out a waterfall.

This is what the roads looked like that we traveled on.

And here is that big beautiful volcano! Our favorite view is on the road several miles away, right behind Tanwax church.