Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Fun With Monk Monk

The past two days have been lots of fun! On Thursday Monk and the boys and I got out of Kyle's hair for a while and had a day at the mall. Kade and Ryne were great...ate lunch, took naps in their strollers and got to play at the "playground". We happened upon the family lounge in the mall because we needed to change a diaper.....I don't know if I will ever go to another mall besides this one again...why? Check out the pics of the family lounge:

Kade playing in the family lounge while Ryne got to eat.

Nursing rooms in the family lounge.

Changing tables. Each with a mirror and sink and trash can accompanying it..oh, and mobiles hanging overhead.
And the bathroom has a grown up potty and a little guy potty and little guy sink and little guy paper towel was all just Kade's size! Way cool! There was also a microwave available and bottle warmers and a t.v. playing cartoons. I was very impressed!
After our stop at the family lounge we had some shopping to do. This is when Ryne and Kade both conveniently took their naps.

Poor Kade, he needs a sleep friendly stroller...but he had "blue" so he didn't seem to mind.

And baby brother getting some zzz's.

We woke Kade up to let him play at the playground. He was thrilled!
Here he is driving the blue car.

And driving the red car.

Climbing on the fish.
After this we had to make another stop at the family lounge because Ryne was ready to eat again. Swung by starbucks and the ice cream place for a snack on our way.
Later that night Monk served us up a nice treat...she kept the boys so that Kyle and I could go out. It was our first time to leave Ryne....but we needed it. It was our first time out to dinner alone since my birthday in October. Thanks a bunch Monk!

So, yesterday turned out to be a nice day and we set out to see some more of Washington. In particular we wanted to get to the coast and see the Pacific Ocean. Kyle picked us out a loop that took us all the way up the sound, around the Olympic National Park (BEAUTIFUL!), up to Port Angeles, through Forks (the setting of the Twilight books for any of you who familiar with the books or movie), down the pacific coast and back home. It was quite a day! Lots of hours in the car but well worth it and both boys were such troopers. Monk was quite a trooper too as we drug her all around the state of Washington with two babies! Here are some pics from our journey:

Lunch at Downriggers in Port Angeles with a view of the straight. Kade and Kyle are blowing on Clam Chowder...Kade's lunch....he LOVED it. Kyle says it was the best clam chowder he's ever had!

Ryne got to have lunch in Port Angeles too. Daddy gets the "burping" job.

Our view from Port Angeles....Mt. Baker is visible in the distance on the right.

Here we are at our first view of the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. We are actually at LaPush here for any of you Twilight fans! Can't you see Bella and Jacob hanging out on one of these logs?

Another shot of the Pacific.

And another picture for the Twilight fans out there...We really did go to Forks!

Today is our last day with Monk...can't believe she has to leave tomorrow. Boo!


Lydia said...

The coolest mall ever....I think I want to come there to get all my shopping done. :)

patti said... went to Forks and La Pus. I'm jealous...but your pics do help the setting in my mind of the twilight series...I'm only on book 2.

Looks like you are in a great place. Between the amazing mall and beautiful mountains...well, i'm dealing with a little jealousy. :)

Glad you guys, especially Kade, had such a good time with Monk Monk. I love that kade needed his eye doctor. what a smart boy!

Granddaddy and C.G. said...

Hello, Blue!! I thought that you were gone. Love to all