Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Library!!!

So, yesterday we woke up and it was snowing....again! We were told when we moved here that this part of Washington doesn't really get much snow, we've seen a lot this year! So, we didn't make any big plans for the day. Monk, Ryne and I went to buy some groceries and then we took Kade for his first trip to the library. He loved it!!! Books, puzzles, other children...he was having a ball. We checked out a book and a video to bring home. I think this will probably end up being one of our favorite places.

Kade and his Monk Monk at the library.

Working a puzzle

The first book he picked out was about penguins.

Kade actually let me read part of one book to him. He usually likes to do the "reading" all by himself.

I think he liked the pictures on this book.

Monk Monk got to oversee some more puzzle working while Kade was making some new friends.

And here it is...the snow they say we never get here.

Just a cute shot of Ryne from yesterday.

How cool is Ryne wearing his Daddy's hat?!

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