Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Lately

Well, I have heard from several people throughout my life that having your first child is a much bigger adjustment that adding child number 2. I officially disagree! Ryne is almost two months old and I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle life with two little guys. Kade and Ryne ALWAYS seem to need something at the same online students of course would like for me to grade the work they turn in.....dirty dishes, dirty laundry, dirty diapers, dirty floors would all like to be cleaned (dirty diapers get priority here)....Kade needs yet another snack....Ryne also needs another snack, too.....shower? really, when?....I guess I must take those if I'm trying to schedule in a trip to the gym every morning. Yikes! And of course there's the occasional trip to the grocery store to get more "snacks" for Kade! I totally know that if it weren't for having a great husband to help me out I would be completely crazy by now! Yes, he has done his fair share of laundry washing, dish washing, floor cleaning, diaper changing and snack supplying! And I'm very thankful for those nice breaks to be able to get out of the house and head to the gym while Kyle does Daddy duty. So, if I haven't responded to an email, phone call, or facebook message: now you know why! If you're still waiting for a Thank You note from Baby Ryne, it's on the way (stayed up until they were finished last night!). Yippee...something did get accomplished in my world yesterday. Now let me tell you about these pictures so I can clean a little house before Bible Study here tonight...well, I'm sure Ryne will be ready to eat again before I get to the cleaning. Oh, Well! I LOVE being Mommy!

Valentine lunch at Olive Garden. VERY YUMMY!

You can tell from Kade's face here that he was really liking dessert!! Might have been my favorite part of the meal as well!

Ryne's V-day outfit. Doesn't he look so grown up?

Beautiful roses from my sweet husband. They accompanied two new pair of boots for Valentine's day. I'm spoiled!

Kade getting in his last little bit of Monk Monk time.

And after Kade went to bed, Ryne was able to get in some Monk Monk time of his own.

Kade's new favorite thing...Choo Choo Train Tracks!
We bought this train track over a year ago and put it in the closet for later. I noticed at church Sunday just how well Kade played with the train set in the nursery so I decided to get this out and see if he liked having one at home. It was a hit!! He is actually quite good at putting the tracks together. We've played trains a lot this week.

Driving his train over the bridge...yes, it's going backwards but Kade has very skilled conductors running his trains.

The whole set up.

So, this spot here is literally 4 minutes from our house. We went to Solo Point on Monday evening to watch the sun set. It was absolutely beautiful! Right on the sound and on a clear day you look across at the Olympic Mountains. It's going to be a great place to put some kayaks in the water when the boys get a bit older. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we live much to take in of God's amazing creation. Come see us and we will do our best to show it all to you.