Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swinging and Playin

So, we've just been busy doing life. Our friends Hunter and Debbie came up last weekend and we went to Seattle with them and then just hung out at the house for the Super Bowl after church on Sunday. It was a fun weekend and we were really glad to have a visit from friends back home. The rest of this week we've just been working on adjusting to life with a new baby. Yep, still working on that adjusting thing!! We found out that sometimes Ryne likes his swing and sometimes he doesn't....sure is nice when he does. Kade has been busy playing all the time. That is is favorite thing to do. Anytime we say it is time to take a nap, he responds with "play more". When we say it is time to clean up, he says "play more". If we say it is time to brush our teeth, he replies "play more". Let's get out of the tub is always followed by "play more". And of course, time to go to bed, gets yet another "play more". This kid LOVES to play!! But isn't that what being two is all about? Sometimes, I wish I could remember those days when all I had to do was "play more". Ryne on the other hand, I can relate to quite well. All he seems to want to do is eat or whine or sleep...I think he takes after me!

Here is Ryne liking his swing.

Kade "playing more". Yes, he is riding his firetruck and shooting his nail gun like a super hero.

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