Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Ice Cream and Bunk Beds

While Kyle was gone to his conference last week we had two days of snow...

It really was pretty.

But since Kyle was out of town we didn't bundle up and go out to play...mostly because I didn't want to have to chase both boys around in the snow.

So, we did our best to enjoy it from inside!
Kade called up his C.G. first thing on Wednesday morning when it started snowing and told her he would be needing her snow ice cream recipe because it was snowing at his house and he would really like to make some snow ice cream like she told him about before.
She gave him the recipe and he repeated every word to me. Then made me repeat it to him to make sure I had it down right.

We put out our bowls to collect some snow.
Unfortunately on Wednesday the snow kept coming and going. It really was bizarre. It would snow and cover everything in a couple of inches and then the sun would come out and it would all melt. Then we would get another couple of inches of snow and out would come the sun again and make it disappear. I can't even remember how many times that happened on Wednesday. Needless to say, we never collected enough snow for that snow ice cream and Kade was disappointed. I told him it was supposed to snow some more that night and we would leave our bowls out to catch snow through the night.
Thankfully, I was right. It did snow more that night. And the first thing Kade wanted to know when he woke up Thursday morning is if there was enough snow in our bowls to make snow ice cream. And being the ever health conscious mother that I am....aaahhheeeemmmm....

We made snow ice cream for breakfast!

Somebody thought I should get "mother of the year" award that day!

He loved it!
And it was fun to make...even first thing in the morning.
The only bad thing about the extra snow on Thursday was that we had to cancel our Ladies Life Group that morning. Boo!
A couple of our friends still came over with their kiddos to hang out and we really enjoyed that.

Here are John and Kade trying to play Candy Land with Ryne's help.
Notice my boys are still in their night-nights...never took them off that day. Isn't that what snow days are good for? For having snow ice cream for breakfast, wearing your jammies all day, and playing with play-doh, of course....

We don't get the play-doh out very often because it is just so messy. And Ryne likes to taste it and mix the colors up. And they usually think they HAVE to have help in making whatever it is they are trying to make.
I have to say this day was an exception!

Look at how nicely they are sharing!
Kade asked for some of Ryne brown play-doh and Ryne passed ALL of his brown play-doh across to him. I was glad I had my camera to catch that rare moment of "non-parent-encouraged" sharing!
They played for the longest time.

Kade made this plate full of yummy stuff.?.

And Ryne just enjoyed cutting up the play-doh over and over again.
It was the best time of play-doh-ing ever at the Lewallen household. I'm actually might be encouraged to bring out the play-doh more often now.

Something else Ryne enjoyed this week while Daddy was gone was a new form of artist expression. Wall art....

We never ever had this problem with Kade. It was as if Kade understood from birth that crayons were for coloring books and drawing paper only. I had hoped that he passed that information along to Ryne. Unfortunately that must not have been the case. I came out of my bedroom from getting ready one morning to find Ryne happily drawing away on his new "canvas." I immediately called his know, in the way a Momma can call a name with that tone that immediately denotes something isn't right with this picture....and as soon as he turned around and looked at me, his eyes got big and he blurted out, "I sorry, Mom, I sorry. I so sorry, Mom!" Yep, he knew he was in trouble. He got the "No-No" and the spat on the hand and sent to the couch. He went right to the couch with tears rolling just repeating, "I sorry, Momma. I sorry, Momma." Little guy sat on the couch without moving a muscle the entire time I was trying to clean up his mess. Which didn't get completely clean because I ran out of Magic Eraser.
I can only hope he learned his lesson! I have stocked up on more Magic Erasers just in case, though.

Oh, another big thing happened on our snow day. The UPS man payed us a visit with some very large boxes! Kade and Ryne are the proud new owners of bunk beds!!
They could hardly wait for Daddy and Woody to get back from their conference to put them together.

Here they are, working away to get those beds together.
There was only one problem....we didn't have mattresses yet!
So the bunk beds were all put up last night but the boys had to spend one last night in their "old beds" until we could get mattresses.

So, guess what Kyle and I did today???
You bet ya, we went mattress shopping!
We also got to hit up a "parents of multiples" sale and got a cool new stroller for the babies.

Obviously I "borrowed" this picture. I don't know the lady or the babies but that is the kind of stroller that we got. The seats can sit either direction and we even found out that we can purchase an attachment that lets us put their carriers on there until they are big enough to ride in the seats. I am excited about this find!
Even had a chance to pick up a few new maternity clothing items. Yes, I am getting to that point. Eighteen weeks along now and these babies are doing some growing!

And since we had a baby sitter for the day we had time for a lunch date while we were out!

There is my handsome date there, posing nicely for me with our cups of lobster bisque!
If you look behind him you can tell we had a nice view of the Puget Sound.
It was really nice after a couple of very crazy busy weeks to have some time to just sit down and enjoy each others company.
And on top of that the food was super yummy!

Cedar plank over roasted salmon!

And yes, we did get those mattresses we went shopping for!
Boys are now sleeping their very first night in their new bunk beds. I guess they are officially roommates now! And it only took putting Ryne back in his bed five times and then threatening him with having to go back to his "old bed" if he couldn't stay in his "new bed." Kade crawled up in his top bunk and never moved a muscle! I think Ryne's main problem was that he just kept wanting to go upstairs to check on Kade. And yes, I do literally mean upstairs. They have some really cool bunk beds. I'll show you pictures soon!

Hope you all had as nice of a Saturday as me!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Stuff and The First Pregnant Pictures

This is one of Kade's preschool projects that he brought home last week....

They planted grass in a cup decorated like a pig. Within two days there were twigs of grass sprouting up out of that thing! Kade was super excited to see his grass growing and asks me everyday if I remembered to water his grass for him. I kind of can't believe that he hasn't requested to water it himself more often. He seems totally okay just to make sure that it has been done.
Speaking of preschool, Kade is getting promoted! The director of the school emailed last week and asked about moving him to the PM Class that is more of a Pre-Kindergarten class where they focus more on learning advanced skills for his age. She said his teacher from the AM Preschool suggested it and she watched him and thinks it will be a good fit for him. Kyle asked if I was sure it wasn't just that his AM teacher was tired of dealing with him. I might would think that but she is about to go on maternity leave and the teacher for the Pre-Kindergarten class is going to be teaching the morning class as well. So, we will see how it goes this week. He starts tomorrow. My main concern is that he might fall asleep on them. The class is from 1-3 pm....the exact hours of his daily nap time! I talked to Kade about it and asked him if he thought he would be able to skip his nap twice a week to go to a new class. He was super excited about the prospect of that! I'll let you know how it goes.

Our friend Kadence had a birthday party on Saturday and thankfully the boys were feeling MUCH better than they were on Friday...even after a sleepless they got to go.

Notice Kade hanging out with all the girls watching Kadence open her presents.
I do believe his love language is gift-giving! He wasn't even interested in any of the girly presents but he was just excited for Kadence.

Then he spotted this...

The butterfly pinata!

It was the "pull string" kind. I'm a big fan of those!

And wouldn't you know it, Kadence picked the right string first thing and here came the candy!
If you know who to look for, you can spot Kade and Ryne in the crowd trying to fill up their bags.

Went to dinner at the Chinese Buffet on Saturday night with Jeremy, Woody, and Mollie.
It was a pretty successful venture in spite of the fact that the boys missed their naps to attend the party. Ryne kept unbuckling himself and standing up in his chair and announcing to me, "I be right back, Mom, I going to go see Chinese." I kept putting him back down in his seat and telling him to wait until we finished eating. I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. Going to see Chinese???? The food? The pictures on the wall? The Buddha statue? No idea.
After about his fourth attempt at "being right back because he had to go see Chinese" he got frustrated with me for not letting him go. Mollie came to his rescue and took him to see "Chinese." She figured out it was the water fountain that he was wanting to go see!
She got him back to the table by telling him that she would give him a coin to toss in on the way out. And it worked.

Both boys ended up with coins to toss in. I was trying to take a picture of them both tossing the coins in but by the time the camera responded I have a shot of Kyle grabbing them both as they went to retrieve said coins! That was fun...let's try it again. That's my boys!

Spent Sunday getting ready for church, as usual. I knew we would be having fast food for dinner after church so I felt bad serving up sandwiches to our guests for lunch so I decided to get up early and put a roast on to cook. It turned out pretty good in spite of the fact that at some point one of my lovely boys managed to turn the oven dial over to "hi broil." I'm telling you, it is always something around here. Case in point, today our "something" was Kade opening the car door with his foot while we were driving down the interstate. I totally believed that the child safety lock was engaged but apparently at some point someone needed it disengaged and I didn't know it. No harm was done, pulled over, re-engaged the child safety lock, shut the door and continued on our journey.

Kyle took Woody and Jeremy with him to set up for church Sunday afternoon. I was all ready for church, Kade and I were playing baseball and Ryne was still napping. I remembered that I had promised to take some "pregnant" pictures for family who had requested it since I had been talking about how much my tummy is growing.
The only photographer around....

I decided, why not let him give it a try???
I just knew if I waited until after church I would completely forget. Plus we would be so busy trying to scarf down that fast food and get the boys in bed that it would be awkward for me to stop things and ask Kyle to take some belly pictures of me.
Kade was excited to have the opportunity to use Mommy's good camera.
It is pretty big and heavy for his little hands. Plus, you have to actually look through the "peep hole" to see what you are getting a picture of instead of it showing up on the screen. I wasn't so sure how this was going to turn out.
Here is what we got....

He really wanted to hold the camera "the other way" so I indulged and let him.

For this picture he told me specifically that he wanted to take one that was really crooked.
Not too bad for a four year old effort, huh???

I did crop one ....

17 weeks pregnant with "two babies"!
See, I told you I was getting big!!!!

Today turned into a last minute adventure.
Kyle got a phone call from Cousin Joy in Alabama....she needed some shirts from a store north of Seattle. Apparently she is planning some kind of event and couldn't find the kind or amount of shirts that she needed anywhere else in the country. The store wouldn't let her purchase them over the phone and mail them to her so she needed to know if we could possibly go get them for her and send them her way. The store is in an outlet mall about 1 and 1/2 hours north of us. Kyle and the guys were headed out to a leadership conference for the week so he certainly couldn't make it happen. That left it up to me and the boys! Today was the only day this week that we had a big enough time slot open to make the trip. So, we loaded up and headed north!
Got the shirts for Joy and took advantage of being at the mall to do a bit of baby gift shopping for a few showers that I have coming up within the next month.
Guess who missed their afternoon naps again?
Since they were "fairly" good while we were at the mall (I am okay with "fairly" good because in all fairness to them, they were missing nap time) I let them have these....

I know, scary, ice cream cones in the car!
Yes, I know I border on the line of insanity many was one of those days.

Especially since I let Ryne have an ice cream cone in the car, too.
He was so sleepy that I had to keep reminding him to lick his ice cream.

He eventually licked until he could lick no more and fell right to sleep, cone in hand.
Yes, he was a sticky, yucky mess when we got home and we headed straight for the bathtub!
We will see about washing that car seat tomorrow.

Hope you all had a Happy President's Day!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I Won't Forget....

Yesterday was shot day!
Well, technically it was "Well Child Exam" day but it all really boils down to being "Shot Day" in our world. I was prepping Kade on Thursday night for our trip to see Dr. Lirio. Of course, he needed to know why we were going to the doctor because he wasn't sick and Ryne was feeling better. So I proceeded to explain about well child exams and how it is important for the doctor to just check up on us every year to make sure we are growing right and our breathing is good and our heart is beating good, etc. And Kade, in his typical Kade manner, went on to tell me that he was growing just fine. "I know I'm growing, Mom, my clothes are getting to little." And that he was breathing fine. "See, Mom, listen," as he proceeded to take three or four extremely deep breaths. And then he grabbed himself around the neck and told me, "I can feel my heart beating real good, too," to prove that his heart was doing okay. I really think he was convinced that he had absolutely no need to go to the doctor because everything was working just fine for him. He just cracks me up!
Then as he laid down in bed the thought occurred to him and he had to ask, "I don't have to have a shot at the doctor tomorrow, do i?" My honest answer was that I didn't know and we would just have to wait and see. He seemed okay with that and went right to sleep.

Yesterday morning I got the boys ready and headed off to the doctor's office. I forget just how long well child check-ups take because they go through all the questions about developmental milestones, check vision, check hearing, hop on one foot, etc.
But I have to give my boys some major credit for being extremely good at the Doctor's office yesterday. As soon as the nurse called us from the waiting room, Ryne ran down the hall hopped on the scales and put his hands on his head (what they have them do so that they aren't actually touching the scales and throw off the measurement). It was too cute. Then both boys proceeded to do everything they were asked to do by the nurse. I was feeling pretty good about this visit.
Then Dr. Lirio came in! Kade and Ryne both just love her. She is great with them. The really cool thing this time was that as she did Kade's exam she asked him all the questions that you usually see the doctor's asking the parents about their kids. Kade paid close attention and answered every question she asked. I couldn't help but think about how grown up he is, even if he is only 4. She was asking him to draw some things for her. A cross. Check. A circle. Check. A square. Well, he finished it and she said, "great job." To which he quickly responded, "well, I guess that is actually more of a rectangle, sorry." It was priceless as she turned and smiled at me as if too say, "is this kid for real?"
Kade got an A+ on his check up!!

If I could even remember I'd tell you how tall he was and how much he weighed but I didn't write it down and you must remember that I do have the excuse of "mommy-brain" right now.
Ryne busied himself working a puzzle in the floor the entire time Kade was being checked out.
When it was his turn on the exam table he had to take the puzzle with him. He then managed to talk Dr. Lirio into helping him work the puzzle before she did his exam. Meaning, he gave her the pieces and told her where to put them. Once she tried to get him to put the piece in place and he looked up at her as if she didn't understand and said, "no, you do it. put it right here!"
When the puzzle was finished he was happy to let her listen to his heart and lungs and check him all out. Thankfully his hives were much better and we hadn't had to resort to the use of steroids, because he was CRAZY when he had to take those the first time he had this reaction. Thankful we got to avoid that kind of craziness in our world this time around.
Ryne also scored an A+ on his check-up.
No, I don't remember how much he weighed or how tall he was, either. All I know for sure is that he isn't very far behind Kade at all!!

With Dr. Lirio's exams finished it was TIME...shots were coming. Turned out Ryne had to have one shot as a 2 year old plus I had forgotten that they hadn't had flu shots yet and my doctor really advised that we all get them since I am pregnant. So that meant 2 shots for Ryne and 1 for Kade. Then the nurse told me that Kade could either take the rest of his shots that he would need for starting school now or wait until next year when he is five. DECISION TIME! I was weighing the pros and cons.....he has to have one anyway.....four shots total would be a lot of shots.....will he remember it less as a four year old or five year old???......will he fight it harder as a five year old next year????......we have game night planned at our house tonight, what if it make him irritable????.....if it does make him fussy, would I rather him be fussy today or next year when I also have two 6 month olds to care for? That settled it!!!! Let's do them all today!!!
Kade completely understood that these shots were going to have him ready to start school and he totally knows that shots are good for us even though they hurt because they keep us from getting really sick. He was so brave and immediately said he would go first. Of course, he was mostly anticipating the popsicle that comes after getting shots at our doctor's office. He had already requested green.

Ryne was sitting in the floor working on his puzzle again. First shot done, Kade gave a little whine. Second shot must have really hurt because he cried at that one. Change legs...he really wanted to resist and even said through his tears, "please, no, I don't want any more." But he was a champ and we got the last two shots. He was crying pretty hard but at least it was a "that really, really hurts" kind of cry and not a crazy, out-of-control, "I'm mad because you hurt me" kind of cry. I'm totally cool with my baby crying because something hurt. Kade got down and retrieved his popsicle and started picking out stickers. And I'm thinking to myself, "Ryne just witnessed all that. I sure hope we are able to get him up on that table for his shots." I turn around and see him on the stool, climbing up on the table saying, "my turn." Seriously! I'm not even kidding. He got his two shots, cried slightly for about ten seconds and was done. Headed to get his popsicle and pick out his sticker. What a tough guy!

On our way home we had to stop and pick up a gift for a birthday party. Kade informed me, "Mom, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to walk because my legs hurt so bad, I'll just have to ride in the buggy." And then I even had to carry him into the store and put him in said buggy. I went to pick up Ryne and place him in the buggy and got the following reply from him: "NO! I no ride in buggy! I WALK!!!" After hearing that from him about the third time I had to VERY sternly inform him that he would be riding in the buggy. He did!

We picked out our gift and realized it was lunchtime and we needed to hurry home to meet someone who was supposed to be at our house at 1pm. I asked the boys if they wanted cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets and Kade said, "Mom, I just really want pizza, " in that poor, pitiful, I just got shots and they really hurt can't I just have what I really want for lunch kind of voice. I'm busy telling him that we can't drive through anywhere and just pick up pizza to go and that we will order pizza for supper, when I turn out of the shopping center a direction that I don't normally go and lo and behold if right across the street there isn't a drive thru Taco Bell/Pizza Hut!!! Guess what??? My babies got pizza for lunch!!!

Got them home and dosed them up with ibuprofen and put them down for naps. I could tell that Kade's legs really did hurt and I felt bad for the poor little guy but couldn't help
think that I was glad we got it over with and won't have to do that next year.

We did have plans for a game night at our house last night so while the boys napped I got my school work done and then worked on cleaning up the house.
Kade woke up from his nap and called for someone to come carry him down the stairs because his legs hurt to bad to walk down them himself. Kyle went to check on him and he informed his Daddy, "My legs really hurt because I had to get four shots at the doctor today because that is what was required." Yep, he said "required" and completely knew what he meant. No wonder Dr. Lirio didn't ask me any of the questions during his exam today, right?
He really didn't do a whole lot more but hang out on the couch for the rest of the day. Ryne took a long nap and woke up pretty happy. It was all downhill from there for him.

Our friends came and we had a great time playing games with them. They boys were really good while we played and snacked...but Ryne was getting pretty clingy. He never did eat anything for supper and just kept wanting more juice. Then he started feeling feverish....typical for the shots he had. All he wanted to do was sit in my lap while we played games. We had just finished up our first game and poor little guy just threw up all over the both of us. I was then rather thankful that he hadn't eaten supper. Both of us required a bath!! Thankfully our friends were patient enough to wait for us to get cleaned up and get Ryne to bed for the night and let the games play on. Kade was still just mopey and hanging out on the couch watching movies. By the time we were finished playing games he was crying and begging to just go to bed without even brushing his teeth or reading his Bible story. He really did feel bad.

I take him to bed and we are getting his night-nights on and he says in the most serious, yet pitiful tone possible, "I just wish I had never been born a baby. I wish I just would have been born a ten year old so I didn't have to have shots." He was completely serious and even emphasized it again with, "Yeah, I should've been born a ten year old. That would have been better." I couldn't help but laugh. In my laughter I tried to comfort him and told him how proud I was of him and thanked him for being so good at the doctor. Put him in bed and I think he was asleep before I got out of his room. Unfortunately it didn't stay that way. He woke up a few hours later just crying because he felt so bad. Had to put him in bed with us. Guess who was up crying not long after that??? Ryne! They took turns all night long being awake and crying.
And on top of that I started not feeling so great myself. A very sleepless night at the Lewallen household. Apparently Ryne was all better by 5 am because that is when he was awake for good and ready to "go downstairs." I rocked him for as long as he would let me and we did end up downstairs eventually. I had my best sleep of the "night" while Handy Manny was on. Ryne was zoned in on the show and I just curled up on the couch and woke up to Mickey Mouse...completely missed Handy Manny. That 30 minute nap I'm sure is what got me through the day.

Kade woke up this morning and his legs were still sore but he said he felt a whole lot better.
We had a membership class meeting at our house today and then a birthday party to attend this afternoon. We needed everyone to be a whole lot better! It was a beautiful sunny day!
And it was a good day!

I did figure out while I was trying to get ready today why I must have been feeling so yucky last night. I think my stomach grew 6 inches yesterday!!!
I am now 17 weeks pregnant and really starting to look it. Seriously, I think the clothes that I wore yesterday were too little today. These twins are starting to do some major growing!!! I'm afraid the maternity pants are just around the corner.

Now that I have probably bored many of you with the random thoughts of a Mommy who doesn't want to forget the sometimes hard, but always precious, moments of life with my little boys....I'm going to close this post without one single picture....sorry grandparents.
Time for me to go to sleep praying that our boys let us sleep all night long!
Good night!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Crazy Happy Valentine's Day

To prep you for the events of our Crazy Happy Valentine's Day, I'll start with last Friday.
Yes, I do feel it is necessary in order for you to get the full affect.

We found out Friday afternoon that our friend Alissa got a full time job at the elementary school where we meet for Life Church. Huge answer to praise the definitely merited a celebration.
So we Lewallens and the Jenkins met up with Derek and Alissa at Red Robin....
Kade asked the whole way there if he could sit by "Lissa."

And he got to!!!
Made his whole day. Don't you like how he felt the need to pose with his corndog?

Ryne was happy for Lissa, too!
But I think he was more happy that he commandeered Momma's camera....

This was the best people picture he managed to get.

Most of the pics were of the table and his food, much like this one, only quite a bit blurrier.
Our little health nut...cheesy noodles and french fries....ha!

Saturday morning I had a couple of errands to run and Kyle was going to help some friends who were working on a remodeling project then we had several things to take care of around the house. Since it was such a boring day for the boys it is a good thing that it started out so nicely for them with the arrival of a package!!!

This is how excited Kade was to open the package from C.G. and Grandaddy.

This is why he was so excited!
C.G. had already told him that she was sending a package full of snacks!
At one point while Kade was pulling out each snack one by one he just stopped and exclaimed, "Way to goooooooo, C.G.!!!!!"
Oh, yes, I had to laugh.
Ryne didn't have time for any exclamations because he had already grabbed a snack...

And was happily enjoying his box of raisins. I guess that was his own way of showing approval of the box full of goodies.

This isn't even all of the snacks that were packed away in the box, several had fallen off the pile and onto the ground. But there you have it, our biggest excitement for Saturday!
Then we did all the errands and house work and the day was done before we knew it.

Kyle spent Saturday night and most of Sunday getting prepped and ready for church Sunday night. We had a great night at church and grabbed some fast food to take home for dinner.
Then while we were eating dinner it hit us just how crazy the next day was going to be (which would be Valentine's day) as would be the entire next two weeks. We wished we had planned ahead and made early Valentine's date arrangements for the week before. Woops! It snuck up on us I guess. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and give the boys their Valentines on Sunday night. They got watches and were super excited. Kade always asks what time it is and for some reason it really seems to matter to him. Ryne always wants to wear mine and Kyle's watches and sometimes we aren't sure where to find them. So we hoped that a couple of watches would be a hit. They were! And wouldn't you know it, I didn't even think to grab my camera.
I also let the boys go ahead and give their Daddy his present from them....a card and a bag full of heart shaped Reese's Cups.
Then off to bed for the boys while Kyle and I laid out the plans for Monday.
Ready for this...this is the crazy part of our Valentine's Day....
Monday morning
Kyle go to gym and work out so he can get back for me to go
Me to gym to do my cardio workout so that I can get back in time to meet with my trainer
Side note:
This is what Kyle and I both saw as we left our house headed to the gym Monday morning.....

There were 4 moving trucks on our street!!!
We were worried that it was mandatory that you move on Valentine's day in DuPont and we missed the memo. Just kidding. It is a sign of life in a military in a largely military populated community. And also a sign that there were people with crazier days on tap than ours.
Back to our story, though...
Thirty minutes of training with legs were killing me afterwards just in case you were curios
Try and convince Kade that he needs to get ready for school instead of watching the new pirate cartoon on disney channel. Obviously I was unsuccessful...what WAS I thinking???
Realize this is the last time I will probably see Kyle, just the two of us, for the rest of Valentine's day so I give him his card and gift.
Do some hurried house cleaning because our friend Woody is coming.
9 am
Kyle leaves to pick up Woody in Seattle at the train station while I get Kade ready for school now that the pirate cartoon is over. Not sure how but we had already managed to have Ryne ready for school. They are both getting to do Monday preschool in the month of February.
Drop of boys at preschool and hurry home to clean Woody's room and sweep and mop the floors.
Get a phone call from Kyle just before mopping and find out things have changed.
This is where our previously outlined scheduled got all switched up. Woody's train had been delayed and he was in North Dakota where near Seattle!
Kyle was coming home Woodyless and would be home in time for a lunch date.
I stopped cleaning and headed to the coffee shop to enjoy a little break and do some Bible reading since both boys were in school. The cleaning could now wait a little while at least.
Called the Doctor because Ryne had broken out in hives again like he did 6 months ago.
***rabbit chasing*****
Just wanted her to know that it had to be the amoxicillin. First time he had this crazy reaction was the day after finishing his last dose of medicine. This time it was the day after he finished his last dose of medicine. That was the ONLY thing both reactions had in common. I even double checked the list of foods that he had eaten from all of my documentation back in August and nothing was the same except the time frame of the medication. He had blood work done before and they tested for an allergy to the medicine and nothing showed up. Anyway, she said she wanted to see him and set me up for an appointment that afternoon.
****rabbit caught, back to the schedule***
Kyle makes it back to town in time to help me pick up the boys from school.
12 pm
Got home with the boys and Kyle had these for me.....

Of course the boys were jealous of my balloon!
Feed the boys lunch and put them down for naps.
We were unsuccessful in finding a last minute baby sitter for a lunch date so we just ordered up Chinese take-out and had a date at our kitchen table while the boys were sleeping. It was very nice! After our lunch date, Kyle helped me finish getting the house cleaned up. Woody was supposed to be coming in late that night or early the next morning so we needed to be ready.
With floors cleaned and Woody's room all ready, Kyle and I grabbed a quick nap and barely woke up in time to make it to the next thing on our schedule.
Kyle and Kade head to Tumwater to pick up Ryan and Janna after school. Their Mom and Dad were making a quick trip to Idaho so they were staying the night with us. A fun Valentine's day treat for our boys, no doubt.
Ryne and I headed to see Dr. Lirio. He was a perfect child for the doctor's appointment. I was wondering to myself the entire time, "why can't he be this good all day every day???" Then I kept remembering that he is two years old and he does have an older brother to interact with.
Anyway, doctor said that he apparently has a delayed reaction to the amoxicillin and we shouldn't give that to him anymore.
Ryne and I get home to be greeted by Kyle and all the kiddos.

Oh did our boys have a blast having Ryan and Janna stay with us for the night.

The actual time line after this point gets a bit blurred so I'll just tell you what happened.

I start cooking supper and our friend Kristy calls me up to come pick up some Valentine treats she made for us.
Check them out....

Cookies with all our names on them.
How cool that she even knew Ryan and Janna and Woody would be here.
Notice I technically got 3 cookies because I got to claim the Baby A and Baby B cookies!

I hurried home from Kristy's house in a downpour to finish cooking dinner.
While cooking, Kade and Ryne snuck up on me to surprise me with this....

A Valentine's card they made for me
And check out what was inside....

Boys after their Momma's heart!!!
Good thing their Daddy knows me so well. ha!

After dinner we all had to have our special Valentine's Day cookies...

Kade wanted to see this picture after I took it and he wasn't happy that his face was hidden behind his cookie so we tried individual shots...

and silly boy still didn't look at the camera

I think Ryan is excited about his cookie!

Janna enjoyed hers, too.
After the cookies were eaten we let the kiddos play a bit more to burn off some of that sugar and then got them ready and off to bed.
Got a phone call from Woody saying that they were in Montana and the train was being evacuated and it would be sometime later the next day before he made it to Seattle. Poor Woody, what a crazy trip!
Since we didn't know quite how things would pan out for Tuesday we decided to head to bed and get some rest after our Crazy Happy Valentine's Day. And just as I was about to crawl in bed I almost tripped over a gift bag. Another Valentine's day present for me!
Kyle had been shopping and look what I got...

New shoes!!!
I told you my boys' Daddy knows their Momma well!!!
And there you have it...a perfect ending to a Crazy Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Not much has changed, things are still crazy around here only it's not Valentine's day anymore.
We did finally get Woody here Tuesday evening.

And the boys are loving that he is here!

They keep him quite busy!!!!
I think they think Woody came just to play with them.

Today Kyle has gone to Seattle to pick up another friend, Jeremy, who flew into town and I think they have a pretty busy schedule planned the next couple of days. And next week there is a leadership summit that quite a few guys are coming up for and Kyle, Woody and Jeremy will all be gone to that for most of the week. And after the summit I think there are some guys staying over a few days the next week. So who even knows how many beds and couches might be occupied at our place.
Good thing we love crazy around here, huh???
Now to go figure out what to cook for supper to make a houseful of three men and two little boys happy. Wish me luck!
Hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day!