Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I Won't Forget....

Yesterday was shot day!
Well, technically it was "Well Child Exam" day but it all really boils down to being "Shot Day" in our world. I was prepping Kade on Thursday night for our trip to see Dr. Lirio. Of course, he needed to know why we were going to the doctor because he wasn't sick and Ryne was feeling better. So I proceeded to explain about well child exams and how it is important for the doctor to just check up on us every year to make sure we are growing right and our breathing is good and our heart is beating good, etc. And Kade, in his typical Kade manner, went on to tell me that he was growing just fine. "I know I'm growing, Mom, my clothes are getting to little." And that he was breathing fine. "See, Mom, listen," as he proceeded to take three or four extremely deep breaths. And then he grabbed himself around the neck and told me, "I can feel my heart beating real good, too," to prove that his heart was doing okay. I really think he was convinced that he had absolutely no need to go to the doctor because everything was working just fine for him. He just cracks me up!
Then as he laid down in bed the thought occurred to him and he had to ask, "I don't have to have a shot at the doctor tomorrow, do i?" My honest answer was that I didn't know and we would just have to wait and see. He seemed okay with that and went right to sleep.

Yesterday morning I got the boys ready and headed off to the doctor's office. I forget just how long well child check-ups take because they go through all the questions about developmental milestones, check vision, check hearing, hop on one foot, etc.
But I have to give my boys some major credit for being extremely good at the Doctor's office yesterday. As soon as the nurse called us from the waiting room, Ryne ran down the hall hopped on the scales and put his hands on his head (what they have them do so that they aren't actually touching the scales and throw off the measurement). It was too cute. Then both boys proceeded to do everything they were asked to do by the nurse. I was feeling pretty good about this visit.
Then Dr. Lirio came in! Kade and Ryne both just love her. She is great with them. The really cool thing this time was that as she did Kade's exam she asked him all the questions that you usually see the doctor's asking the parents about their kids. Kade paid close attention and answered every question she asked. I couldn't help but think about how grown up he is, even if he is only 4. She was asking him to draw some things for her. A cross. Check. A circle. Check. A square. Well, he finished it and she said, "great job." To which he quickly responded, "well, I guess that is actually more of a rectangle, sorry." It was priceless as she turned and smiled at me as if too say, "is this kid for real?"
Kade got an A+ on his check up!!

If I could even remember I'd tell you how tall he was and how much he weighed but I didn't write it down and you must remember that I do have the excuse of "mommy-brain" right now.
Ryne busied himself working a puzzle in the floor the entire time Kade was being checked out.
When it was his turn on the exam table he had to take the puzzle with him. He then managed to talk Dr. Lirio into helping him work the puzzle before she did his exam. Meaning, he gave her the pieces and told her where to put them. Once she tried to get him to put the piece in place and he looked up at her as if she didn't understand and said, "no, you do it. put it right here!"
When the puzzle was finished he was happy to let her listen to his heart and lungs and check him all out. Thankfully his hives were much better and we hadn't had to resort to the use of steroids, because he was CRAZY when he had to take those the first time he had this reaction. Thankful we got to avoid that kind of craziness in our world this time around.
Ryne also scored an A+ on his check-up.
No, I don't remember how much he weighed or how tall he was, either. All I know for sure is that he isn't very far behind Kade at all!!

With Dr. Lirio's exams finished it was TIME...shots were coming. Turned out Ryne had to have one shot as a 2 year old plus I had forgotten that they hadn't had flu shots yet and my doctor really advised that we all get them since I am pregnant. So that meant 2 shots for Ryne and 1 for Kade. Then the nurse told me that Kade could either take the rest of his shots that he would need for starting school now or wait until next year when he is five. DECISION TIME! I was weighing the pros and cons.....he has to have one anyway.....four shots total would be a lot of shots.....will he remember it less as a four year old or five year old???......will he fight it harder as a five year old next year????......we have game night planned at our house tonight, what if it make him irritable????.....if it does make him fussy, would I rather him be fussy today or next year when I also have two 6 month olds to care for? That settled it!!!! Let's do them all today!!!
Kade completely understood that these shots were going to have him ready to start school and he totally knows that shots are good for us even though they hurt because they keep us from getting really sick. He was so brave and immediately said he would go first. Of course, he was mostly anticipating the popsicle that comes after getting shots at our doctor's office. He had already requested green.

Ryne was sitting in the floor working on his puzzle again. First shot done, Kade gave a little whine. Second shot must have really hurt because he cried at that one. Change legs...he really wanted to resist and even said through his tears, "please, no, I don't want any more." But he was a champ and we got the last two shots. He was crying pretty hard but at least it was a "that really, really hurts" kind of cry and not a crazy, out-of-control, "I'm mad because you hurt me" kind of cry. I'm totally cool with my baby crying because something hurt. Kade got down and retrieved his popsicle and started picking out stickers. And I'm thinking to myself, "Ryne just witnessed all that. I sure hope we are able to get him up on that table for his shots." I turn around and see him on the stool, climbing up on the table saying, "my turn." Seriously! I'm not even kidding. He got his two shots, cried slightly for about ten seconds and was done. Headed to get his popsicle and pick out his sticker. What a tough guy!

On our way home we had to stop and pick up a gift for a birthday party. Kade informed me, "Mom, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to walk because my legs hurt so bad, I'll just have to ride in the buggy." And then I even had to carry him into the store and put him in said buggy. I went to pick up Ryne and place him in the buggy and got the following reply from him: "NO! I no ride in buggy! I WALK!!!" After hearing that from him about the third time I had to VERY sternly inform him that he would be riding in the buggy. He did!

We picked out our gift and realized it was lunchtime and we needed to hurry home to meet someone who was supposed to be at our house at 1pm. I asked the boys if they wanted cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets and Kade said, "Mom, I just really want pizza, " in that poor, pitiful, I just got shots and they really hurt can't I just have what I really want for lunch kind of voice. I'm busy telling him that we can't drive through anywhere and just pick up pizza to go and that we will order pizza for supper, when I turn out of the shopping center a direction that I don't normally go and lo and behold if right across the street there isn't a drive thru Taco Bell/Pizza Hut!!! Guess what??? My babies got pizza for lunch!!!

Got them home and dosed them up with ibuprofen and put them down for naps. I could tell that Kade's legs really did hurt and I felt bad for the poor little guy but couldn't help
think that I was glad we got it over with and won't have to do that next year.

We did have plans for a game night at our house last night so while the boys napped I got my school work done and then worked on cleaning up the house.
Kade woke up from his nap and called for someone to come carry him down the stairs because his legs hurt to bad to walk down them himself. Kyle went to check on him and he informed his Daddy, "My legs really hurt because I had to get four shots at the doctor today because that is what was required." Yep, he said "required" and completely knew what he meant. No wonder Dr. Lirio didn't ask me any of the questions during his exam today, right?
He really didn't do a whole lot more but hang out on the couch for the rest of the day. Ryne took a long nap and woke up pretty happy. It was all downhill from there for him.

Our friends came and we had a great time playing games with them. They boys were really good while we played and snacked...but Ryne was getting pretty clingy. He never did eat anything for supper and just kept wanting more juice. Then he started feeling feverish....typical for the shots he had. All he wanted to do was sit in my lap while we played games. We had just finished up our first game and poor little guy just threw up all over the both of us. I was then rather thankful that he hadn't eaten supper. Both of us required a bath!! Thankfully our friends were patient enough to wait for us to get cleaned up and get Ryne to bed for the night and let the games play on. Kade was still just mopey and hanging out on the couch watching movies. By the time we were finished playing games he was crying and begging to just go to bed without even brushing his teeth or reading his Bible story. He really did feel bad.

I take him to bed and we are getting his night-nights on and he says in the most serious, yet pitiful tone possible, "I just wish I had never been born a baby. I wish I just would have been born a ten year old so I didn't have to have shots." He was completely serious and even emphasized it again with, "Yeah, I should've been born a ten year old. That would have been better." I couldn't help but laugh. In my laughter I tried to comfort him and told him how proud I was of him and thanked him for being so good at the doctor. Put him in bed and I think he was asleep before I got out of his room. Unfortunately it didn't stay that way. He woke up a few hours later just crying because he felt so bad. Had to put him in bed with us. Guess who was up crying not long after that??? Ryne! They took turns all night long being awake and crying.
And on top of that I started not feeling so great myself. A very sleepless night at the Lewallen household. Apparently Ryne was all better by 5 am because that is when he was awake for good and ready to "go downstairs." I rocked him for as long as he would let me and we did end up downstairs eventually. I had my best sleep of the "night" while Handy Manny was on. Ryne was zoned in on the show and I just curled up on the couch and woke up to Mickey Mouse...completely missed Handy Manny. That 30 minute nap I'm sure is what got me through the day.

Kade woke up this morning and his legs were still sore but he said he felt a whole lot better.
We had a membership class meeting at our house today and then a birthday party to attend this afternoon. We needed everyone to be a whole lot better! It was a beautiful sunny day!
And it was a good day!

I did figure out while I was trying to get ready today why I must have been feeling so yucky last night. I think my stomach grew 6 inches yesterday!!!
I am now 17 weeks pregnant and really starting to look it. Seriously, I think the clothes that I wore yesterday were too little today. These twins are starting to do some major growing!!! I'm afraid the maternity pants are just around the corner.

Now that I have probably bored many of you with the random thoughts of a Mommy who doesn't want to forget the sometimes hard, but always precious, moments of life with my little boys....I'm going to close this post without one single picture....sorry grandparents.
Time for me to go to sleep praying that our boys let us sleep all night long!
Good night!


Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

Glad the shots went well. The main thing I wanted to say was 17 weeks preggers with twins & you haven't pulled out the maternity pants yet???? You are my hero.

Holly Cline said...

I love it! Those poor boys, but they are troopers! I had a good laugh, about Kade wishing he was a 10 year old. Tell him we just got a note that Jared has to get a shot before he goes into 6th grade.
Sorry buddy...