Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Ice Cream and Bunk Beds

While Kyle was gone to his conference last week we had two days of snow...

It really was pretty.

But since Kyle was out of town we didn't bundle up and go out to play...mostly because I didn't want to have to chase both boys around in the snow.

So, we did our best to enjoy it from inside!
Kade called up his C.G. first thing on Wednesday morning when it started snowing and told her he would be needing her snow ice cream recipe because it was snowing at his house and he would really like to make some snow ice cream like she told him about before.
She gave him the recipe and he repeated every word to me. Then made me repeat it to him to make sure I had it down right.

We put out our bowls to collect some snow.
Unfortunately on Wednesday the snow kept coming and going. It really was bizarre. It would snow and cover everything in a couple of inches and then the sun would come out and it would all melt. Then we would get another couple of inches of snow and out would come the sun again and make it disappear. I can't even remember how many times that happened on Wednesday. Needless to say, we never collected enough snow for that snow ice cream and Kade was disappointed. I told him it was supposed to snow some more that night and we would leave our bowls out to catch snow through the night.
Thankfully, I was right. It did snow more that night. And the first thing Kade wanted to know when he woke up Thursday morning is if there was enough snow in our bowls to make snow ice cream. And being the ever health conscious mother that I am....aaahhheeeemmmm....

We made snow ice cream for breakfast!

Somebody thought I should get "mother of the year" award that day!

He loved it!
And it was fun to make...even first thing in the morning.
The only bad thing about the extra snow on Thursday was that we had to cancel our Ladies Life Group that morning. Boo!
A couple of our friends still came over with their kiddos to hang out and we really enjoyed that.

Here are John and Kade trying to play Candy Land with Ryne's help.
Notice my boys are still in their night-nights...never took them off that day. Isn't that what snow days are good for? For having snow ice cream for breakfast, wearing your jammies all day, and playing with play-doh, of course....

We don't get the play-doh out very often because it is just so messy. And Ryne likes to taste it and mix the colors up. And they usually think they HAVE to have help in making whatever it is they are trying to make.
I have to say this day was an exception!

Look at how nicely they are sharing!
Kade asked for some of Ryne brown play-doh and Ryne passed ALL of his brown play-doh across to him. I was glad I had my camera to catch that rare moment of "non-parent-encouraged" sharing!
They played for the longest time.

Kade made this plate full of yummy stuff.?.

And Ryne just enjoyed cutting up the play-doh over and over again.
It was the best time of play-doh-ing ever at the Lewallen household. I'm actually might be encouraged to bring out the play-doh more often now.

Something else Ryne enjoyed this week while Daddy was gone was a new form of artist expression. Wall art....

We never ever had this problem with Kade. It was as if Kade understood from birth that crayons were for coloring books and drawing paper only. I had hoped that he passed that information along to Ryne. Unfortunately that must not have been the case. I came out of my bedroom from getting ready one morning to find Ryne happily drawing away on his new "canvas." I immediately called his know, in the way a Momma can call a name with that tone that immediately denotes something isn't right with this picture....and as soon as he turned around and looked at me, his eyes got big and he blurted out, "I sorry, Mom, I sorry. I so sorry, Mom!" Yep, he knew he was in trouble. He got the "No-No" and the spat on the hand and sent to the couch. He went right to the couch with tears rolling just repeating, "I sorry, Momma. I sorry, Momma." Little guy sat on the couch without moving a muscle the entire time I was trying to clean up his mess. Which didn't get completely clean because I ran out of Magic Eraser.
I can only hope he learned his lesson! I have stocked up on more Magic Erasers just in case, though.

Oh, another big thing happened on our snow day. The UPS man payed us a visit with some very large boxes! Kade and Ryne are the proud new owners of bunk beds!!
They could hardly wait for Daddy and Woody to get back from their conference to put them together.

Here they are, working away to get those beds together.
There was only one problem....we didn't have mattresses yet!
So the bunk beds were all put up last night but the boys had to spend one last night in their "old beds" until we could get mattresses.

So, guess what Kyle and I did today???
You bet ya, we went mattress shopping!
We also got to hit up a "parents of multiples" sale and got a cool new stroller for the babies.

Obviously I "borrowed" this picture. I don't know the lady or the babies but that is the kind of stroller that we got. The seats can sit either direction and we even found out that we can purchase an attachment that lets us put their carriers on there until they are big enough to ride in the seats. I am excited about this find!
Even had a chance to pick up a few new maternity clothing items. Yes, I am getting to that point. Eighteen weeks along now and these babies are doing some growing!

And since we had a baby sitter for the day we had time for a lunch date while we were out!

There is my handsome date there, posing nicely for me with our cups of lobster bisque!
If you look behind him you can tell we had a nice view of the Puget Sound.
It was really nice after a couple of very crazy busy weeks to have some time to just sit down and enjoy each others company.
And on top of that the food was super yummy!

Cedar plank over roasted salmon!

And yes, we did get those mattresses we went shopping for!
Boys are now sleeping their very first night in their new bunk beds. I guess they are officially roommates now! And it only took putting Ryne back in his bed five times and then threatening him with having to go back to his "old bed" if he couldn't stay in his "new bed." Kade crawled up in his top bunk and never moved a muscle! I think Ryne's main problem was that he just kept wanting to go upstairs to check on Kade. And yes, I do literally mean upstairs. They have some really cool bunk beds. I'll show you pictures soon!

Hope you all had as nice of a Saturday as me!


Lydia said...

Love Love Love the artwork. HA!
Marion Clare did the same thing a couple of weeks ago, but the magic eraser took our paint off, but not the crayon. I think she pressed down a little too hard when she was creating her art work. :)
I think next time, I'll put a big frame around it. Love all your excited for you guys! TWINS! YaY!

Joy said...

Yep, Jensen has decorated my walls already too. (Must be the Lewallen in them!! HA!) Mom said I couldn't get mad at her though because I did the same thing when I was little. It sure wasn't fun when I saw it... poor little thing is so tender-hearted and stubborn at the same time! LOL

kapjones said...

Hey Terri! Yes, my 2nd did the same artwork - several times! Must be a 2nd child thing. HA! My first never thought to do anything like that. Ok, here's my tip for you know by now they are a pain to change sheets and makeup up on top. I read this in a magazine and it has worked great for us. FORGET the flat sheet! My boys don't us it anyway and it's way too hard to put on top bunk when making the bed. Plus my 5 yr old can make his bed no problem when told b/c all he has to do is pull up the comforter. And there you go, my tip of the day! :)
Hope you are feeling good!!!!!

wil_sophiesmom08 said...

Well welcome to the families with multiples club!!! Wanna buy some stuff! You guys are in for the time of your life! I couldn't imagine having 2 more!