Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Stuff and The First Pregnant Pictures

This is one of Kade's preschool projects that he brought home last week....

They planted grass in a cup decorated like a pig. Within two days there were twigs of grass sprouting up out of that thing! Kade was super excited to see his grass growing and asks me everyday if I remembered to water his grass for him. I kind of can't believe that he hasn't requested to water it himself more often. He seems totally okay just to make sure that it has been done.
Speaking of preschool, Kade is getting promoted! The director of the school emailed last week and asked about moving him to the PM Class that is more of a Pre-Kindergarten class where they focus more on learning advanced skills for his age. She said his teacher from the AM Preschool suggested it and she watched him and thinks it will be a good fit for him. Kyle asked if I was sure it wasn't just that his AM teacher was tired of dealing with him. I might would think that but she is about to go on maternity leave and the teacher for the Pre-Kindergarten class is going to be teaching the morning class as well. So, we will see how it goes this week. He starts tomorrow. My main concern is that he might fall asleep on them. The class is from 1-3 pm....the exact hours of his daily nap time! I talked to Kade about it and asked him if he thought he would be able to skip his nap twice a week to go to a new class. He was super excited about the prospect of that! I'll let you know how it goes.

Our friend Kadence had a birthday party on Saturday and thankfully the boys were feeling MUCH better than they were on Friday...even after a sleepless they got to go.

Notice Kade hanging out with all the girls watching Kadence open her presents.
I do believe his love language is gift-giving! He wasn't even interested in any of the girly presents but he was just excited for Kadence.

Then he spotted this...

The butterfly pinata!

It was the "pull string" kind. I'm a big fan of those!

And wouldn't you know it, Kadence picked the right string first thing and here came the candy!
If you know who to look for, you can spot Kade and Ryne in the crowd trying to fill up their bags.

Went to dinner at the Chinese Buffet on Saturday night with Jeremy, Woody, and Mollie.
It was a pretty successful venture in spite of the fact that the boys missed their naps to attend the party. Ryne kept unbuckling himself and standing up in his chair and announcing to me, "I be right back, Mom, I going to go see Chinese." I kept putting him back down in his seat and telling him to wait until we finished eating. I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. Going to see Chinese???? The food? The pictures on the wall? The Buddha statue? No idea.
After about his fourth attempt at "being right back because he had to go see Chinese" he got frustrated with me for not letting him go. Mollie came to his rescue and took him to see "Chinese." She figured out it was the water fountain that he was wanting to go see!
She got him back to the table by telling him that she would give him a coin to toss in on the way out. And it worked.

Both boys ended up with coins to toss in. I was trying to take a picture of them both tossing the coins in but by the time the camera responded I have a shot of Kyle grabbing them both as they went to retrieve said coins! That was fun...let's try it again. That's my boys!

Spent Sunday getting ready for church, as usual. I knew we would be having fast food for dinner after church so I felt bad serving up sandwiches to our guests for lunch so I decided to get up early and put a roast on to cook. It turned out pretty good in spite of the fact that at some point one of my lovely boys managed to turn the oven dial over to "hi broil." I'm telling you, it is always something around here. Case in point, today our "something" was Kade opening the car door with his foot while we were driving down the interstate. I totally believed that the child safety lock was engaged but apparently at some point someone needed it disengaged and I didn't know it. No harm was done, pulled over, re-engaged the child safety lock, shut the door and continued on our journey.

Kyle took Woody and Jeremy with him to set up for church Sunday afternoon. I was all ready for church, Kade and I were playing baseball and Ryne was still napping. I remembered that I had promised to take some "pregnant" pictures for family who had requested it since I had been talking about how much my tummy is growing.
The only photographer around....

I decided, why not let him give it a try???
I just knew if I waited until after church I would completely forget. Plus we would be so busy trying to scarf down that fast food and get the boys in bed that it would be awkward for me to stop things and ask Kyle to take some belly pictures of me.
Kade was excited to have the opportunity to use Mommy's good camera.
It is pretty big and heavy for his little hands. Plus, you have to actually look through the "peep hole" to see what you are getting a picture of instead of it showing up on the screen. I wasn't so sure how this was going to turn out.
Here is what we got....

He really wanted to hold the camera "the other way" so I indulged and let him.

For this picture he told me specifically that he wanted to take one that was really crooked.
Not too bad for a four year old effort, huh???

I did crop one ....

17 weeks pregnant with "two babies"!
See, I told you I was getting big!!!!

Today turned into a last minute adventure.
Kyle got a phone call from Cousin Joy in Alabama....she needed some shirts from a store north of Seattle. Apparently she is planning some kind of event and couldn't find the kind or amount of shirts that she needed anywhere else in the country. The store wouldn't let her purchase them over the phone and mail them to her so she needed to know if we could possibly go get them for her and send them her way. The store is in an outlet mall about 1 and 1/2 hours north of us. Kyle and the guys were headed out to a leadership conference for the week so he certainly couldn't make it happen. That left it up to me and the boys! Today was the only day this week that we had a big enough time slot open to make the trip. So, we loaded up and headed north!
Got the shirts for Joy and took advantage of being at the mall to do a bit of baby gift shopping for a few showers that I have coming up within the next month.
Guess who missed their afternoon naps again?
Since they were "fairly" good while we were at the mall (I am okay with "fairly" good because in all fairness to them, they were missing nap time) I let them have these....

I know, scary, ice cream cones in the car!
Yes, I know I border on the line of insanity many was one of those days.

Especially since I let Ryne have an ice cream cone in the car, too.
He was so sleepy that I had to keep reminding him to lick his ice cream.

He eventually licked until he could lick no more and fell right to sleep, cone in hand.
Yes, he was a sticky, yucky mess when we got home and we headed straight for the bathtub!
We will see about washing that car seat tomorrow.

Hope you all had a Happy President's Day!!!


The Comptons said...

Hey! So glad you commented on my blog - it's great to hear from you! I have linked to yours off and on through Plummer and love reading about you guys! (I'm really bad about commenting!) So excited about the arrival of twins - I'm kind of partial! :o)
Many blessings on your family and ministry!!

Lynlee said...

Terri! I am so happy for you. WOW! Twins... my best friend here just had twins...Guess it's going around. I pray that you have a great pregnancy. Love you and will be thinking and praying for you during the next few months...ok... years...

Ministry in Morrilton said...

I know you and Kyle are very excited about having twins. Enjoyed reading your blog! thanks for sharing it with us here in Arkansas!
Jamie Simpson

Larry said...

Terry, you look terrific!!!! I'm so excited about the twins. You and Kyle are wonderful parents and these kiddos are very blessed to have you as parents. Kade did an excellent job as photographer....must take after his mother. Congratulations on having a little one as smart as you!!! Love you all!

Larry said...

Just for the record.....that my comment


Deby said...

I love reading your blogs, Terry, and am amazed at how good you are about keeping us grandmas up-to-date with all the details! I'm also amazed by how quickly you've (the babies) have grown! Wow! Kade did an awesome job of taking pictures. I'm guessing that the new class will fit him just right! I love the picture of my sweet little buddy sleeping w/ ice cream in hand. Boy, I miss you all! Praying that big things come from the gathering of the guys! Hugs to you all!!!

Joy said...

Thank you soooo much for getting those shirts for me!!! You don't even know how much that will me out. I never knew when I picked that shirt and that color it was going to be this big of a hassle so thank you again! You were a lifesaver!!! Love ya!