Friday, March 4, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen....we officially have new roommates in the Lewallen household!
Last post I showed you Kyle and Woody putting together the new bunk beds, and a week later we finally were able to finish moving Ryne into Kade's room. It is now Kade and Ryne's room!

The challenge was getting all the furniture back in the room with the beds. Bunk beds take up way more room than the wee little toddler bed Kade had been sleeping in.

We had to move the bookshelf to the wall coming right into the door.
I was just thankful that it fit and the door still opened. Now anyone entering the boys' room is greeted first by their library!
I was pleased with how well their cross stitched names looked together on this wall. Great big thanks to our friend Emily in Mississippi for working so hard on those when each boy was born. Just a funny side note here, Emily's sister is also expecting twins right now and our due dates are not very far apart....therefore Emily has requested that we pick short names for the twins since she will be working overtime on her cross-stitching! Ha!

And we were sure to find a place for their drums!

And I know this is what you've really been waiting to see....

The BUNK BEDS!!!! with stairs!!!!
The stairs that we have a hard time keeping Ryne from climbing up when he is supposed to be going to sleep in his bed on the bottom bunk. Even with that dilemma, we love the stairs! And if you can't tell, they are also drawers. We filled all the drawers up today with Ryne's clothes. I told you we officially got him all moved in. That includes clothes.
Kade's question, "where are we going to put the changing table?"
If Ryne was moving in, I guess he expected him to move in everything that he needed.
We told him that we would be leaving the changing table in the baby room because hopefully Ryne wouldn't be needing it much longer.
In fact, as soon as we get him adjusted to his new sleeping arrangements that will be our next big challenge. Potty training! You can go ahead and pray about that one for us, if you will, please!
We certainly would like to have him out of diapers before July....three in diapers just doesn't sound good for the budget, does it???

Now, since I didn't have the brain power to analyze all the pics I took of the new room and decide which ones were the best to post, I'll just show you all the rest of them and you can decide for yourself. Enjoy....

These guys seemed pretty happy to be moving in!
Although, Ryne did tell me he didn't want them on the bean bag. He was pretty set on letting me know that he wanted them on his bed. I was happy to tell him that he could take them to bed with him tonight...but for the sake of pictures I wanted them in the bean bag. He kindly obliged.

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Holly Cline said...

Love it! those are awesome bunk beds!