Saturday, February 21, 2009

Instead of Snow-Shoeing....

So, Kyle is gone to Mt. Rainier to snow shoe with a group from the church....and since the boys aren't quite old enough to venture out for that we are hanging out at the house today. Thought I could take the opportunity while Kade is watching a movie and playing "airport" and Ryne is content in his bouncy seat to post a few pictures. Of course they are of the boys. If you're getting tired of little boy pictures, I'll try to get Kyle to post some snow-shoeing pictures from his trip for you. Anyway, these are a few pictures of Ryne from week 2...just got them but thought they were sweet enough to share. Then we have pics of Kade at one of the parks near our house, followed by a couple more pics of Ryne so you can see just how much he is growing.
Good news in our world...Ryne has cried less the last couple of days...had more happy time throughout the day with lots of smiles and coos. Kade has been sweet as ever, a few little 2 year old fits here and there but nothing major that he hasn't gotten over quickly. Mostly he just makes us laugh. I sure hope he stays this funny.
Well, enjoy the pics of my precious boys:

Look at that sweetness....this is one of my faves!

Couldn't believe he was actually sleeping...the girl who took our pics really wanted to get some sleeping pictures and came back a second time to catch him getting some zzz's. can see my "Ryne ring" here. Kyle gave it to me at the hospital after Ryne was born. I have one that I got after Kade was born too. I have such a sweet husband!

I certainly didn't plan on being in pics that day but I love this picture of Ryne so I had to share.

Think this kid is happy to be at the park?

He climbed all the way up to the fort...loved hanging out there and I loved that it was all enclosed with nowhere for him to fall down.


Kade had no problem climbing the steep stairs...coming down however, his Daddy and I decided he needed some help.

Here's little Ryne man hanging out in his bouncy seat....can anybody tell how much he has grown?

One last cute face from Ryne to make you smile. I think he was trying to sing a song here.


Granddaddy and C.G. said...

aTire of these sweet faces?? NEVER!!! Post on. We love em!

Kevin and Ashley said...

absolutely precious!!!! i love checking out your blog to see new pics of your adventures in washington!