Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Grand Washington Adventure

On Friday we went on our first family trip since moving to Washington. We had been seeing the reports of snowfall at the local mountains on the news and decided to take Kade to check it out. We were hoping to get a good Christmas card shot of Kade in the snow but he wasn't interested in posing for the camera...just playing in the snow and watching the footprints his boots left behind. It was a lot of fun to let Kade play in the snow.
When we left the mountains we went by to see Snoqualmie Falls. They were beautiful! Taller than Niagra Falls and quite the tourist attraction here in Washington.
Here are some pictures of Kade in the snow and the cool falls that we got to see:

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Anonymous said...

Snow - Kade - The Mountains - Snoqualmie Falls - The Lewallens!! One word comes to mind: PRICELESS!! I am so jealous!! What more could a girl want?? Nothin'! Nothin' at all! Miss you and love you all!! Bib