Friday, November 7, 2008

A Song by Kade


Lydia and Scotty said...

He is too cute!

Michelle Barnett said...

That is PRECIOUS!!

Carozza Family said...

Ok Terry, I'm not so sure about this blog thing. It is going to make me cry all the time. Sad but happy tears. What a beautiful place!!! We can't wait to come and visit. We really miss you! Love the Kade song!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry!
So glad to see you've entered the wonderful world of blogging! Kade is growing up way too fast and is such a gorgeous little man. Keep in touch, and if you don't mind, I'll add you to my Blogroll. Tell Kyle we said hi, and give Kade a hug for me! Love ya-Kacey

Susan said...

Terry and family,
Nanny is now following you guys thru me and my computer. She just had a wonderful time watching Kade sing and all your wonderful pics. I wished you could have seen her face all lit up while she watched!

I'm teaching Nanny how to use the computer so if I'm not around she can still see Kade. We love the blog. Aaaron also has you guys on his face book,so we get to see alot of you. It's wonderful getting to keep up with you all!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! We love and miss all of you.
Love Always
Sue Sue Nanny And Boys

Jennilee Berry said...

Kyle, Terry, and Kade-
Noah watched Kade's video this morning, and he said, "that's ol' Kade. He's my buddy!" We miss you guys so much. Kade is growing and getting cuter by the minute! We love you guys!
Bill, Jen, Noah, and Austin