Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our First Real Boo Boo

Yesterday Kade was helping me move pillows from the loft to the bedroom...he always has to help if we are working around the house....anyway, he tripped on one of the pillows and hit is eye on the ottoman for the rocking chair in the loft. It busted his poor eye and started bleeding. He was such a trooper and only cried for a couple of minutes. While we were doctoring him up he just kept saying "more pillows"...he knew he didn't have his job finished. As soon as he was bandaided up he went right back to the loft and finished putting the pillows in the bedroom.
I was really sad that he got hurt...Kyle was really proud of him for being so tough.
We did have to go to the store for cool bandaids after he woke up from his nap. You can see the purple bandaid below.


Monkey said...

Gosh! He is even cute with a bobo.

patti said...

oh...that's scary. that purple band aid looks super cool and i bet it made things all a kiss from momma, right? hugs