Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Family Visit

Cousins William, Dina, and Jude came down from Seattle to see us today. Kade was sooo excited to have company. In fact, Kyle and I were in the kitchen when they arrived and Kade saw them or heard them outside and came running into the kitchen yelling, "Jude, Jude, Jude, Jude!!!" He had never met Jude but we told him that they would be able to play together and that was all Kade needed to get excited. We had a fun visit. Had dinner and hung out....Kyle and William got to watch some football. The best part of all was watching Kade and Jude play....They had a ball. I think they will both sleep very hard tonight.

Kade and Jude. Jude is four months younger and looks like four inches taller!
Not one of these boys went anywhere without the other the entire night.
Kade had to introduce Jude to squirt.
I was in the kitchen and the boys came in each wearing a rain boot...and each one had it on the wrong foot. They were too cute!
They really had fun playing peek-a-boo on the stairs.


CG said...

Kade is going to make such a GREAT big brother.

Bruce said...

What? You guys have moved off again,and way out yonder to Washington? Isn't that out on the east coast? WOW! We certainly wish you guys the very best in life and know that we will have each and every one of you in our every prayer! God Bless! ....... Uncle Bruce & Aunt Amanda

Deby said...

Kade is such a people person! I love it that he loves people so much. World changers do that, you know!

Gordon Family said...

Hey Terry,
I didn't know you had a blog. I found you through Laura's blog. Hope you are enjoying Washington and the cooler weather!
We have a blog too.
xp-Jen Gordon

patti said... still have squirt?