Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Week at a Glance

It was a busy week this week...can't believe that it is over already.
Monday we had dinner guests and spent the day preparing for that. It is always good to have people come visit, Kade especially loves company. Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy days and we spent a lot of time inside trying to get things done. Thursday was kind of a girls day out. I got to go to Bible study and then lunch with Alissa and Thursday night we had a make-over night to help out a new friend from church. Friday we went to the doctor. Kade went with us and was extra good in the doctor's office. Doc said that things look good with Ryne and we go back in two weeks. Spent Friday afternoon shopping and had a good time. It was a beautiful day today and Kade and Alissa and I went to a Holiday Bazaar here in DuPont and Kade got to play on the playground. Then Kyle, Kade and I got a tour of Fort Lewis from one of our friends at church. It was pretty cool! Very big place and AMAZING views of Mt. Ranier.
Enjoy the pics from this week:
Flowers from our dinner guests Jerry and Brenda.
Kade driving the Home Depot car! He really likes that it is orange.

He can steer with both wheels at one time.
When we get tired of driving we stop to read books about plumbing...yes, that is exactly what he picked out to look at.
This would be a cute picture if he would've looked at the camera but he doesn't really like to pose much these days. We were getting ready to go for a stroll.
Look at my boots! They're like Grandaddy's! Kade just had to have these.
Just a look at the trail that runs right behind our house. We love it!
Yes, this is right behind our house! And we live in the city!
All the Lewallen boys on the trail!
Doesn't it look like we live in a forest?
Kade climbing up the giraffes at the play area in the mall.

The giraffes were his favorite!


ashleydiggs said...

I LOVE the boots!

grandaddy said...

Kade, I will bring my boots and we can go for a walk on that cool trail at your house. Love, Grandaddy