Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Very Fun Day!

Today we had a treat! Michael W. Smith was up near Seattle on his Christmas tour and we got to go. The real treat for us was that Christa, my college roommate, tours with him and we got to see her. It has been almost 5 years since we've seen each other so it was exciting to get to see her. Kade had a blast. He loved all the music and getting to meet the guitar player, drummer, piano player (Michael himself), and hanging out with "CJ" (Christa Joy). Another special part of the concert was that Melinda Doolittle was a part of the show. Why is that special? Well, when I was pregnant with Kade we watched American Idol every week and she was on then. In fact, we were watching in the delivery room when Kade was born. We got to tell her that story in person and she thought it was pretty cool. We say a great big THANK YOU to CJ for making time for us today and introducing us to her friends. It truly was a special treat. Enjoy some pics from the day:

Kade and Kyle waiting for the concert to start.

That's Christa in the gold shirt...singing her lungs out!

Another shot of Christa and the gang...all very cool people that we got to meet after the show.

Smitty playing that piano...He was amazing!!

Kade with "CJ" after the show.

Christa, Kade, and Smitty!

Look, Baby Ryne got to make this picture too!

Here we are with Melinda Doolittle...she's like part of the family since she was hanging out in labor and delivery with us via American Idol. Very precious girl!!!


GriotLori said...

Thanks for sharing your special Melinda-story with us, Terry; and how sweet that you also caught up with Christa! Luv your pics, too!

I invite you to sign Melinda's Christmas eCard no later than 11 pm (EST) on Dec. 19 at this url:

Thanks for helping Melinda's Street Team and Backups spread the Melinda-luv! ;-)

Louise7 said...

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I am one of her backups (fans) and can truly say that not only is Melinda hugely talented but she is also exceptionally kind and gracious.

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Emily said...

wow! that is so cool! i'm glad you got pictures! just a few more days before you get to see your monk monk in person!

Deby said...

If he wasn't already inspired I'm certain that we'll be seeing Kade singing/playing praises to Jesus in concert one day! What a blessing for your family to have this awesome opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Terry, that's awesome that you got to meet Michael W. Smith and Melinda and see your college roommate! Cool pics too!!! Did you know that Melinda went to the same college my Dad graduated from? Belmont University! They have an amazing music/music business department.