Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes...the Lewallens are still alive and well in Washington...

It has been 24 days since I logged into our blog. I know that is a long time! But don't worry, my absence hasn't been because I haven't had anything good to share with you. We've been busy, as usual but the big reason for my absence was this:

If you recall, I told you sometime the beginning of February that I had been asked to speak at Sunbreak Ladies' weekend Get Away. That meant that I needed a lot of time in the Word and studying. Extra time is kind of hard to come by at our place. So, I told myself that I couldn't spend anytime blogging until the conference was over.

The conference was last weekend and it was great! Thanks to all of you who prayed for me. God taught me some really amazing stuff about joy and then allowed me to share that with some neat ladies whom I spent the weekend with. I was very thankful for the experience even though I was nervous as could be.

As I was needing lots of final prep time last week chores around the house kind of got passed up. That means I had to spend this week catching up on those things. Laundry seemed to take the entire week. Ha Ha! All the while I have been desperately trying to get back to the blog...and wondering how I will ever catch up on everything we've been doing.

I don't think I will be able to catch up on all the Lewallen adventures in this one post but I will give you just a glimpse of what we've been up to and then probably do a couple more posts with some of the extra fun days we've had lately.

I'm going to let some pictures tell you the adventures of late. Pictures that are in no particular order, mind you, that would require way too much brain power for me at this point.

So, to get started, let me show you this picture:

This is a nice selection of hair care products. It arrived in a box in the mail a few weeks ago.
What is the significance, you ask? Well, you see, right after Christmas it has been my habit to hit the Salon at WalMart and take advantage of their 1/2 price sale on the Christmas boxed products. This year, I was in Oklahoma the day after Christmas and hair care products just wouldn't fit the weight limits that we were having to shoot for on the airplane trip home. So I had to forgo the great deal. BUT, my mom and sister did some shopping for me and stocked up and Mom shipped them to me!! Can you say thrilled? I was thrilled!

Look what else came in the mail that day...

Yes, that says "Healthy Chip Money". It is for Ryne from his C.G.
She know how much he LOVES chips and decided it was easier to send money and let me buy him some "healthy chips" instead of them getting all crunched up during the shipping process. Wonder how many 14 month olds have gotten "healthy chip money" as a gift in the mail?

Kade got giant Smarties!

That wasn't all that came in the mail that day.
Monk Monk sent Kade and Ryne gifts from her medical mission trip to Honduras...

Ryne is playing with his little "hand drum". I'm not sure what the technical name for it is but he loves it. Kade got one too and they can play some serious drums together. Ryne also got some maracas and Kade got a rain stick.

Here is Kade modeling all the new instruments. He was so excited to have his gifts from Honduras.

Another fun thing we did a couple of weeks ago was go to a PreSchool Open House here in DuPont.

Kade played with blocks and people and dinosaurs and even introduced himself to the teacher.
It is a co-op preschool which means that the parents volunteer to work in the classroom with the teacher and they are able to keep the prices much lower than other preschools. We enrolled Kade to start in the three year old class in the fall. He is so excited and so am I. I think he will love getting to go to school and make new friends.

One Saturday the boys and I had a Mommy/Son outing to the Christian book store. They had both gotten birthday money from their Mrs. Nancy to buy books with. So, we went book shopping. It was a lot of fun...

Kade checked out some books and picked some good ones.

Ryne was partial to this singing Veggie Tale book and played it all through the store. We brought it home with us. The bookstore was having a really good sale so the boys got quite a few books. And we even came across some Veggie Tale t-shirts that were 77cents.
Just check out this shirt that Kade got:

Yes, he is Larry the Pirate!!!

Ryne has been learning more and more about how to be a rascal.
Look at him...

This smile was after I caught him doing this...

Climbing right up in the pantry to get whatever he happened to want.
I do have my hands full!

We've been spending more time outside lately. Spring is arriving and it has been beautiful.
Here are some of our first signs of spring...

These are going to be tulips on our back patio!!!!

Purple and Gold and White flowers...kind of made me miss the Dragons and the Tigers...I think I'm purple and gold for life since both my High School and College sported those colors.

And this is a blossom on our cherry tree in the front yard. I wish you all could just see the wonderland of pink that is DuPont right now with all of the cherry trees blooming. Just beautiful! Spring is such a happy time around here.

Something else to remind us of the arrival of spring was a package of Easter gifts from Monk Monk...

Here is Kade figuring out how to make Snoopy bunny do his song and dance.

And Ryne pointing to Donald bunny doing his dance.
Easter is exciting for us for two big reasons this year. First, of course, the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Second, it marks to launch of weekly services for Life Church. We are super excited about that. Join us in praying for a big day on Easter for Life Church...not so we can say "yea for Life Church" but so we can introduce more people to the precious Savior of the world!

Kade has recently become a big fan of Peter Pan but he is still up to his pirating ways...

Ryne changes everyday. Still not much for talking but we think it is because he thinks he speaks pirate language with all of his growls and grunts. We probably have Kade to thank for that. But Ryne is still so much fun. Just look at how he likes to wear his hat....

Kade's artistic skills continue to improve....

And Ryne plays his own kind of dress up....

Can't even begin to tell you how many times a day I hear myself say "No, Ryne." We are at the stage where he thinks it is necessary to investigate every single nook and cranny. And climb up on the top of the kitchen table. And go out the back door into the garage. And take our neighbor's lawn mower for a pretend ride. And rub his food all in his hair.
As many times as I say "No, Ryne" I probably also say "Kade, stop whining and use your big boy words" The boy can whine about everything!!! But we are working on it!

The favorite games at our house right now are Hide N Go Seek and Ring Around the Rosie. We play both of those over and over and over! And Ryne is a super good finder when it comes to Hide N Go Seek.
Well, Ryne is pulling DVD's out of the cabinet over here so I better go let one of my "No Ryne"s fly. Sometime soon I'll have to share with you about our trip to the Tacoma Children's museum!
I've missed sharing with you....hopefully you didn't give up on us.
Life with the Lewallens is still full of adventure!

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