Saturday, June 25, 2011

Showers of Blessing

I am so amazingly blessed!
God has put so many loving people in our lives here in Washington.
So many, in fact, that we've had two baby showers for Tesa and Tyce!
I mentioned one of them in my last post because my beautiful sister was here for the first one.

She served as my assistant and photographer at the shower our Life Church family did for us.
It was absolutely adorable.
Take a look....

The theme "a perfect pair."
Beautiful yum-o-licious cake by Kristy, of course!

A candy table. Too cute!

Our sweet friend Sarah hosted the shower at her house and look at what cute artwork she had on her kitchen chalk board.

Fabulous diaper cake by Laura!

It was quite a party!
With SO many fun ladies...

Lots of chatting to do.

Adri hanging out with baby Levi.

Alissa had lots of fun "pair" games to play.

Jenny between a "pair" of pregnant ladies!
Sweet Jaclyn to the right of Jenny had her sweet baby boy, Mason, just a few days later.

Jenny won!

Hi Alesha! Looks like you won a prize, too!

And Laura was yet another winner!!!

Of course, I was the big winner that day!
Got lots of awesome things for Tesa and Tyce.

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves....

Little explanation here...I was actually telling Levi thanks for growing so fast. That bag was from him and it was full of diapers that he outgrew before we got to use them!

See, I told you I was blessed! So many cute things and I didn't even put up a picture of everything. There were just way too many to post them all.
Besides, that was just shower number one....had to save room to post about shower number two!
But first let me show you who else scored big at the baby shower....

D and Lissa sent Kade and Ryne their very own presents from the shower.
How cool is that?

They were thrilled!

Kade even wanted to model his new backpack for a picture!
And I saved them a couple of presents to help unwrap...

Happy boys, for sure!

Shower number two was hosted by our Sunbreak family!
That is the church in Olympia who supports us in our church planting efforts in DuPont.
An amazing group of people, no doubt.
And they threw an amazing shower for Tesa and Tyce.

Check out the fun decor and yummy food....

How fun are these "T n T" bags that went with the candy table?
Tesa n Tyce....hope they aren't too much dynamite in our world. Ha!

There were fun games, too....

Karie and Anndria playing the sock matching game.

Lots of fun ladies to chat with.

And look at this fun table of onesies and paint....

Everyone got to create their own little special shower souvenir for Tesa and Tyce.
How fun!

And of course there were lots of other fabulous gifts.
Like handmade blankets....

Thanks Sara!

Thanks Gwen!

And thanks, Alissa, for being my assistant for this shower! I can't get much done these days without assistants. Ha!

Lots of cute outfits...

Even something for Mommy....

Not sure why I have such a crazy face, I must have been saying something like "I love it, thanks so much for getting something for me."

Two thumbs up for two boxes of diapers!

Check out the original artwork by our friend LeHua...

Two peas in a pod!
Isn't it adorable?!?!

Such a fun shower!
There was only one sad thing about it.
It was one of the last thing we would be getting to do with our friend Dawn.

She is moving to Portland! For a year!
It's only two hours away, but yet it is two hours away.
The smiles are for the sake of taking a good picture, not representative of how we feel about her being gone. We will certainly be missing Dawn and Chuck and Aaron and Delaney!
Thanks for helping throw such an amazing shower, Dawn! Love you!

Super blessed! That's me! Such amazing friends in my life!

Alrighty, one post closer now to being caught up. Two or three more might get it done.
Stay tuned....

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