Sunday, January 15, 2012

Their First Half Birthday!

 Six months ago today our sweet Tesa and Tyce showed up on the scene of Life with the Lewallens.
 It has been a busy six months.
 I cannot even begin to imagine how many diapers we have changed or how many bottles we have made in the past six months.  I would take the time to try and figure it up but my brain hurts just thinking about having to deal with such big numbers.
 So I'll just stick with some easy numbers.
 When we took the babies to the doctor the week of Christmas we found out that they are definitely gaining weight.  Tyce was 14 lbs 15 oz.  Tesa was 17 lbs 7 oz.  Yep, she's still got him beat.  Wonder how long that is going to last?
They've come a long way in the past five months, huh?
Oh, I do love the comparison pics and watching those owls shrink each month.
 And look at how nicely they both look at the camera for me.  They already know how to make their Momma happy.  Good babies!
 They really are good babies.
 I often call Tyce "Giggles" because he laughs all the time.  I'm not kidding.  He laughs so much it  makes me laugh.  The cutest little contagious laugh.  I so need to get video of it to share with you.
 Tesa is our talker.  She likes to "talk."  Every night when we put her to bed she lays there and talks for a bit before she goes to sleep.  We listen to her in the monitor and I like to think she is just saying her prayers.  With in the past week she has figured out how to squeal.  And she enjoys it.  She likes it way more than her Daddy or I like it.  Trying to figure out how to put a damper on that before she reaches the teenage years. Ha!
 They are still so different from each other and I love getting to watch those differences continue to develop.
For their first half birthday they also got to see their first snow!!
Isn't that special?  I thought it was pretty cool.  Don't worry we didn't have them out in the cold for more than the few seconds that it took me to snap this picture.  We do not want to have sick babies in our world again anytime soon.
 Look, Grandaddy, bowless pictures of Tesa.  Just for you!  Yes, you are right, she is pretty without them.
 This guy is such a charmer.  All you have to do is look at him and he dishes out the biggest smiles.
 Haven't found a baby food that they don't like yet.  Cereal, veggies and fruit have all been a hit.
 Kade wanted to know if they could have anything good to eat besides baby cereal to celebrate their half birthday.  No half-birthday cake for them this year.  They had to settle for pears.  Kade understood.
 Granna and Paw were here to help them celebrate their half birthday.  Maybe that makes up for no cake this year.
 I am looking forward to the next six months to see just how much these babies are going to change.
 Will Tyce catch up to Tesa on the scales?
 Will Tesa catch up to Tyce in the hair growing department?
Only time will tell.
But as long as I get to see more of this brother-sister love I will be happy no matter who is ahead of who in any category.  I am loving my babies (and their big brothers) and am crazy thankful for the blessing of getting to be their Momma! 

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