Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick Or Treat Fun!

We had a blast yesterday!  I've said before that we aren't big Halloween fans but we do enjoy dressing up and having a reason to party.  Just so happens that Halloween gives us that excuse.  We don't do spooky stuff or evil stuff. Just fun family stuff.  And fun is certainly what we had yesterday.
Dressing up as a family has become lots of fun for us.  Kade decided many weeks ago that he wanted us to all go as Star Wars characters.  He and Ryne picked out all of our costumes and we went with it.
I thought it turned out great.
We met up with our Life Group to trick-or-treat the businesses down town.  DuPont has such a fun family oriented Halloween time that is great for small children.  After that trick-or-treating extravaganza everyone met back up at our house for our Life Group party.  Got is started with more trick or treating then eating and playing.  We had so much fun.
Take a look....
Tesa was done!
And so was Tyce.
Princess Leia hair and Yoda head tucked away in the cup holder.  Proof that the little ones were all done.
Serious Star Wars action time.
Time to hit up the neighborhood.
Here is proof that Kyle really was the man behind the mask.
Look who showed up!  Jacob and Jordan!
Back from Alaska!  So so so good to have them come hang out with us.  They have been missed like crazy around here the past few months.
After trick or treating meal.
Gotta love that the kiddos outnumber the grown ups in our Life Group!  They are so much fun!
Jacob requested a beard like Ryne's. 
Ryne hooked him up!
Finished product!
Ryne got a facial hair upgrade, too.  But he obviously didn't want me taking his picture.
Will finish this post up with the sweetest moment of the night.  Tesa giving Ryne a great big good night hug.
Already wondering what Kade and Ryne will request our family be for Halloween next year.
Just hope we have as much fun as we did this year.
And now we have NOVEMBER!  Wow! The holidays are here and I love this time of year.  Stay tuned to see what kind of fun holiday adventures we can find to get into.

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Deby said...

I LOVE it!! Can't say I've ever seen the SW characters look any better. Soooo miss you guys!!