Friday, December 14, 2012

Crying today

Today I was planning on rocking out a December catch-up blog post. 
But my heart is just not in it.
Well it has something to do with this guy...
Kade, my kindergartner!
And more it has something to do with other boys and girls just like him who tragically had their lives taken from them today at a school in CT.  Ever since I saw the headlines my heart has just ached.  I cannot imagine being one of those mommies who will never again get to pack a lunch for her son or daughter to take to school.  I am so burdened by the senselessness of it all.  But as we do live in a world full of people who do not know the love of my sweet Jesus, I should not be surprised.  We do live in a fallen world where bad things happen.  Oh how I pray for God to show Himself to the families of those who lost their babies today.  To comfort them in a way I cannot even begin to imagine needing to be comforted.  Please pray with me.  And for those other little boys and girls who had to witness it all....may God allow them to forget like never before.
I am out the door now to go volunteer in Kade's class.  Hoping I can hug him real big without breaking down in tears and embarrassing him in front of his classmates.
So, that December blog catch up will just have to wait.  We have so many precious memories that we have been making.  Going to work on making more of them today as I hug all of my babies a little tighter.

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