Saturday, June 5, 2010

Birdhouses, Bar B Ques and Bunches of other Stuff

Oh, we have been quite busy lately!!
So, in no particular order, mostly because I can't remember the order, let me tell you about some of it.

Kyle and Kade built a birdhouse:

We have already had so much fun watching the birds check it out. The day after we put it up there were several birds that acted like they were competing for the new spot. Might have something to do with the bird feeders we have hanging around our backyard. We have spent hours watching the birds, squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard. They boys are really having a good time birdwatching. Ryne gets all super excited and starts hollering when he sees any of our critters outside.

And every chance we have we head outside to play!
Finally got some brand new sand for the sandbox and it has been a hit:

Every now and then Ryne gets the sandbox to himself while Kade goes exploring...

He's usually looking for bugs. Here he is checking out an ant.

We've also had quite a bit of "snow" lately.
One day at lunch Kade looks up and says, "Hey, it's snowing outside."
And it certainly did look like it. There is a cottonwood tree somewhere behind our house and when the wind blows lately we get a small "snowstorm".

Look at this nice little collection of snow!

On a completely unrelated note, I think I've found my new favorite place to grocery shop. It is a little farther away than Safeway or Wal Mart BUT...they have childcare! It's Fred Meyer! I have known for a few months now about them having free childcare but finally gave it a try.

Here is Kade taking a peek inside "Playland"
He couldn't wait to go inside.

I got him all registered and we both got arm banned up and off he went to play.

Ryne isn't old enough to stay yet....

So he went with me grocery shopping. Look at that face, he wasn't sure what to think about us leaving Kade behind. I had forgotten how much easier it is to grocery shop with only one kiddo in the buggy. It was a success! Kade had a great time and immediately asked if he could come back again sometime. I think so!

If I haven't told you lately, Ryne is crazy! Funny crazy!
He went "missing" the other day and look where I found him...

Kade tried out his new pirate raincoat to see if he had grown into it yet...

This is what he looked like heading out to breakfast one morning last week.
Then he wouldn't get out of this nice raincoat until he felt certain that everyone at the restaurant had had a chance to see him in all his pirate glory.

Remember that I told you this post was in no particular order....I should have also warned you that it would be completely random as well!
So for some exciting randomness...I got to have a girls day!!!

Alissa, LeAnn, Pat, Lucy and I got to spend the day together.

It was Memorial Day Weekend so the sales were great!
I realized when I got home that almost everything I bought was for my three boys. Guess I must have been feeling guilty for leaving them behind???


Love me some Chipotle's!!!

And one of the things I used to always like about shopping trips was the chance to get a fresh baked cookie at the mall. Those days are few and far between now so I definitely took the chance for some cookies on this trip. YUMMY!!!
I had a great time with the girls. Made me realize just how surrounded by boys I am! Don't get me wrong, I love my boys to pieces, but a girl really does need some girl time every now and then!

*Speaking of girl sis and I booked flights to NYC in October!!!! Can hardly wait!!!

After Kyle kept the boys and let me have my girl day, it was only fair that I give him a day off as well. He headed to Seattle with some of our college crew.

Of course they hit the market!
This is Jordan, Ashley and Luke...they said the market was pretty crazy that day.

But Kyle still manage to pick me up a beautiful bouquet of flowers before they left there.

After a fun-filled day in Seattle, they headed back here to DuPont for a little Memorial Day
"Bar B Que". I use quotes here because there was actually no Bar B Que sauce in use on this day. Something that I have learned about Northwesterners is that a "Bar B Que" just means you are grilling out. Where we would say, "Hey let's Grill Out!" They would say, "Hey, let's have a Bar B Que!" And by that, they may or may not mean with the use of Bar B Que sauce. It might just mean let's throw some chicken or steak or hot dogs on the grill.

So here I would say that Kyle is grilling out.
But our friends here would say he is Bar B Que-ing.
Either way, it was yummy and lots of fun...

Ryne especially like the chips!
Oh, notice they are Bar B Que chips...Ha! Guess we did have a Bar B Que after all.

It was nice enough to eat outside!

And then we moved inside...put the boys to bed....and played some Nertz!
Good times!

This post is random, remember.....

Here is a shot of Ryne trying to tie my shoes that he is wearing.
I told you he was crazy funny!

And let me finish up here with one last bit of crazy.
Last night we went for a picnic for supper.
I know that just sounds bizarre...picnics are for lunch time right?
Well, it was absolutely beautiful here yesterday and the boys and I had already been on a stroll enjoying the day when Kyle decided hey, let's go for a bike ride. Sounded like a great idea but it was getting close to supper time. No problem, let's head to the park and picnic for supper. So we did....

Okay, so the boys were more excited about playing than picnicking but it was still lots of fun. Please notice the nice sun shine in these pictures. Ladies and Gentlemen these pictures were taken between 6:30 and 7:00 pm last night. And after that we did more bike riding before heading home. Got the boys in bed by 8 o'clock and it was still daylight outside. Fabulously long days in Washington right now...and we like to take full advantage of that!

So, what have you been up to lately?


Michelle said...

We call them cookouts in the midwest but I have some friends from South Africa and they call them Bar B Ques too. Aren't the long days awesome? It gets dark around 9 pm for us. It kind of messes up my sleep schedule and I end up staying up later than usual but I love summer!!

patti said...

Oh I love random posts! I was just thinking as looking at he pics...look they can still wear long sleeves and pants there in May. CRAZY!

I love you had girls day because yes, we all need them. and so excited you are going to NYC. You girls will have such fun.

can I also add that your boys are so, so, so cute!!! love you and miss you.