Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Most Beautiful Day of the Year

So far anyway.
Today was fabulous! Blue skies, Sunshine, A Toasty 70 degrees!
We couldn't pass up a chance to get out and enjoy the first taste of a Pacific Northwest Summer.
A while back Kyle spotted a trail that ran along a bluff overlooking the Puget Sound and had mentioned several times how it would be a good place for a bike ride. So that is where we headed today.

Boys loaded up in the bike trailer and off we went!
The ride was beautiful and the trail actually took us down to a big park.
The perfect place for the boys to get out and play....

These smiles are for the nice feeling sunshine!
In fact the sunshine was so nice that the boys decided it would be good to take their shirts off and get some much rays.....and of course a snack break is always in order.....

And one of my favorite shots of the day:

There is no denying these guys are brothers.

They ran and played and ran and played.

And then they spotted the doggy park...and ran to check out the puppies.

My next favorite picture of the day:

Do you think they are picking out which doggy they would like to be their own?

We tore them away from the dogs and loaded back up to finish our ride.
Only one problem.
The rest of the ride was uphill....very uphill....get off and push uphill!
Okay, I did have to get off and push a little bit but Kyle was quite impressive pulling the boys and their bike trailer all the way up the incredibly long and steep hill.
Take a look:

Oh, do notice the amazing view we had of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. But more than that please notice the hill we were climbing up on our bicycles. And we weren't at the top yet. This was just a pit stop to let the legs rest. Wondering how well we will be able to walk tomorrow??

This is just another picture of our view from the trail. There was also an amazing golf course running along the sound at this spot...lots of people playing golf, in fact, when I looked back at this picture I couldn't believe that there wasn't a golfer one in it.
Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

We finished our bike ride and ran an errand for me. We were close to this fresh produce place that has the yummiest dried veggies ever. Okay, so maybe we weren't exactly close...but we could go by there on the way home if we picked the long route home. Okay, so maybe I just said, "Kyle, you think we could go to the little market and get some dried veggies since Kade needs to get a nap in the car anyway?" He agreed!
And Viola'....

One tub full of dried vegetables!
Dried squash, carrots, green beans, etc.
Not only do I like them but the boys really like them, too. And I like to think of them as "healthy chips." Think I can get by with that?
And yes, Kade did nap in the car.
Mostly because he was begging to go to another park and Kyle told him that wouldn't be possible if he didn't get a nap. I think he was asleep within three minutes.
So we drove around a bit and got some great views of Mt. Rainier.

This was a good look at the mountain from a dead end street in DuPont.
Oh wait, Kade would have corrected me there. A good look at the volcano. Now can't you just imagine smoke and lava coming out the top of this thing?? I pray we never see that for real.
And just after I took this picture Kade woke up and recognized that we were in DuPont and that he had taken a nap. Guess what he asked to do?
You got it, go play at another park.
So we did....

The boys were having such a good time that Kyle and I just had to join them....

And when we had worn the playground out we went home and the boys played in their sandbox and playhouse and even played some giant horseshoes with Kyle. It was just too nice outside to go in and cook, so we had Chinese/Thai takeout and sat on our back patio and ate dinner.
See, I told you it was the most beautiful day of the year...Marc Carozza I do think you would even agree....and we enjoyed it to the fullest.

I set here now with boys bathed and in bed, Kyle upstairs studying to preach for Life Church tomorrow, and I am just overwhelmed with gratefulness. I am so grateful for the life that God has blessed me with and I never want to take one minute of it for granted. I hope you can realize the same for your life.

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patti said...

Oh I will admit to jealousy. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the beauty around you. What a day! It's already to hot to be outside here if you are not in water. Making me want to move again!!