Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just the Highlights!

Man are we loving this Washington summer! Not to make any of our wonderful southern family and friends mad at us, but I have to mention that we have had highs in the sixties this week and it has been just fabulous. Hard to believe that it actually turned "July" this week.
Here is a bit of how we've enjoyed it, minus pictures of our bubble blowing fest this afternoon....

See this happy little guy:

He is super excited that our local little farmer's market came to town. It is only every other Wednesday in the summers but Kade loves to go and has been waiting for the Farmer's Market to be back since last fall.

The boys got balloons. Ryne a caterpillar and Kade a sword (who would've guessed).

We also picked up some fresh carrots and basil and some ice cream toppings.

Kade has a new ant farm.

Listening to Kade and Kyle outside catching ants was quite comical. Kade wanted to catch all the ants he could find....notice it is a small ant farm....Kyle actually had to read the instructions to him so that he would understand there was a population limit.

Look at him with his little microscope! My little scientist!

See this silly guy:

He had a half birthday!
On June 30th Ryne turned 1 and a 1/2!

He got a "Half Birthday" cake.

We sang "happy half-birthday to you".

And we ate cake!
Not that big of a deal....just a little family tradition we do.

There was some ball playing going on this week...

And of course some sand boxin' and play housin' but you've seen so many pictures of that, so I'll spare you any more.

Kade drew a really cool spider...

At least that is what he told me this was.

We had a date with Alissa at one of our new favorite spots. You might remember me mentioning it a couple of posts ago...Blackbear Yogurt!

They had chocolate and Kade was extremely happy.

You think he enjoyed it?
I'm telling you this boy loves chocolate every bit as much as his Momma does and that is a crazy lot!

Ryne was all about some chocolate, too!

And seemed a bit perturbed that I was disturb his yogurt eating for a picture. Ha!
Both of my boys are big fans of chocolate! I think we are just a family of chocoholics because even Kyle will go for chocolate every time.
So I've made it clear that Kade likes chocolate, the thing he probably likes best after chocolate is veggies. No kidding, the boy loves his vegetables! Onions, peppers, corn, spinach, okra, you name a veggie he will eat it. Fruit, not so much. Weird, huh? I know. This is where we differ. I choose fruit over veggie almost every time but not Kade. In fact, he will tell you that he doesn't like fruit. Except for maybe raisins, he'd say.
But now, things are changing! He has found a fruit that he really, really, really likes. And it is one of my favorites, too.

He tried it and like it enough to eat two pieces and wanted a third.
We were in the grocery store a couple of days later and he spotted a display of cantaloupe and quickly said, "Momma, look, it is my favorite fruit, cantaloupe! Can we get some?" At 98 cents each, we got two! And yes, he prefers to eat them off the rind.

Well, he smiles like he likes it for the picture.

This is more the face that shows what he really thinks about it.
He just played with it a bit and that was all.

And to wrap it all up we went to bounce house night at the Rubber Room last night.
The place where we do Life Kids on Sunday nights, was hosting a night to bring the kiddos and let them play in the bounce house. Our friend Michelle and her two boys went with us. The boys had so much fun!

And then Ryne decided it was time to do some kitchen work...

See, I told you we've been enjoying our Washington summer. And I left out some bike rides and strolls.
Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we are excited!!
For several reasons:
1-DuPont does a fun parade and festival for the 4th and we are taking the boys to have fun.
2- Life Church is having a Grill and Chill at our house tomorrow night. We have 44 confirmed party goers and about 25 maybes. We are looking forward to having a great time. I will definitely post about it as soon as I can.
3-We are so happy to be celebrating America's Birthday. What a blessing it is to live in a free country. So grateful to all the men and women who have made and continue to make our freedom possible.

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