Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Festive Fourth!!!

What a fabulous Independence Day we had!
We got up and dressed in our Red, White and Blue to head out for our first party.

We put the boys in the bike trailer and headed to Clock Tower Park for our town's Fourth of July Parade and Celebration.

Kade got a backpack full of goodies and he was excited!

Then there was time for a quick stop at the playground before the parade began.

Think Ryne might have been excited about that?

Then it was parade time...

One of the military bands stopped to play for us and Kade clapped along with their music and had a big time.

Getting a balloon (a dinosaur this time) from the cool "balloon guy".

And check this guy out...

The kids were fascinated not only by his height but by those red "wings" that he would swirl around in the air.

And then there were pony rides...

Oh Kade and Ryne both LOVED riding the ponies!

We got to see some guys do this:

Parachute right down into the middle of us!

And we played games and got prizes and visited with people until we were just tired and hungry for lunch. There was food there and it smelled yummy. But there was only one problem. No highchair for Ryne. Not even kidding myself into thinking that we could convince him to sit down with us and eat without him being strapped to something....

We jumped on our bikes (nicely decorated for the day) and headed straight for McDonald's!
Why? They have high chairs! And we had a very nice lunch.
After lunch we went home to prep for the main event of the day.
Our Life Church Grill and Chill!!!!
We had such a great time.
Check it out...


Lots of things with Wheels:

Ryne wore his helmet almost the entire night because all he wanted to do was try out every bike possible. Can't you just see him scoping out his options in the above pic?
The kids did such a good job trading around their "rides." And they seemed to really have a great time.

I think Ryne might have been trying to take this bike away from the "big boy." I'm telling you this little guy of mine was not kidding about his bike riding this night!
I even think that in this picture...

He is trying to chase Kade down so that he can kick him off of this tricycle so he can take it for a spin....or at least sit on it and pretend to be taking it for a spin. Ha!

And the biggest hit in the "wheeled vehicle" department was this motorcycle:

I know it looks like sweet Aeden is going about 90 mph but he's not. Seriously, the batteries were so weak that it might have been going 1 1/2 mph but every kid wanted a turn riding the motorcycle. It was cracking us up!

There was some grilling going on....

With just a little bit of smoke, too!

Now you saw how much fun the kiddos were having with the bikes but I almost think they had more fun with this:

A bouncy obstacle course!

Seriously, I think some kids stayed in there the entire time.

These shoes left at the entrance of the bounce house got the night off because I'm not sure any of them went back onto feet before it was time to leave.
Kade didn't even want to quit playing to eat supper. So, since it was a holiday and all, I didn't make him!
He did come out for drink, though!

And so did Corbin.
And then Corbin decided those burgers and hot dogs just looked too yummy to pass up...

So, he joined one of the kiddie tables and chowed down.

And so did most of the rest of us!

Including Ryne...

What? Don't you like strawberry cupcakes?

We had some sweet little babies join us...



To wrap it all up, Regi and Martin treated us to a fireworks show!

Getting all set up!

Keeping the children away from the fireworks was tricky until Jenny lured them away with a box full of "Pops."

Just look at how they are gathered around her. I couldn't believe how much fun they were all having throwing those little paper balls on the ground and listening to them "pop." Good move Jenny!
And it was Show Time!

Ryne liked the fireworks.
And my favorite pic of the night...

Kade looking up into that beautiful sky, although he is watching for fireworks, it just reminds me that the creator of that beautiful sky is who I have to look to and say "THANKS!" Thank you Lord for the United States of America and for the freedom that we enjoy here. May I never take it for granted. Thank you Jesus, for the 50 people that came to our "Grill and Chill." What a great time we had!

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