Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Pictureless Post

Where do I even begin?
Have had a sick baby boy this week. Okay, we will start with that. Friday we went grocery shopping and then to the park for cake and ice cream to celebrate Derek's birthday. Saturday morning we delivered food drive bags to homes in our little city, which means the boys were stuck in the stroller all morning "helping" us out by eating snacks and not complaining too much about being stuck in the stroller. Sunday we hung out at home and got ready for Life Church. Life church Sunday night was great and we had a lesson about Gideon both in "big church" and "kid church" and then we went to Farrelli's for pizza and home to bed. Monday morning, Ryne had red swollen feet. I attributed it to the rain boots he had been wearing around sockless all morning. Then at lunch time I put him in his chair to eat and noticed some swollen knuckles. Upon further investigation I realized that not only were his feet and hands red, swollen and feverish but so were his elbows and knees. Laid him down for a nap after lunch and called the doctor. When the nurse called me back later that day she said to keep an eye on him and if it got worse to bring him in the next day. Well, it got worse. Red whelps started to appear on his torso, legs and arms by that evening. We called our friend Arin, who is a nurse, over to check him out and see if he thought we needed to take him to the hospital or not. Arin thought that since his breathing was fine and he wasn't running a fever that he would be okay to wait until the next morning. He suggested a dose of Benadryl, so we gave it to him and put him to bed.

Tuesday morning the swelling was down in the joints and the red whelps now looked like bruises. I called the doctor and got an appointment to take him in. As Ryne was up and playing longer the swelling started to come back and new red whelps started to appear. When we got to he doctor's office she pretty quickly ordered blood work. We went to the lab and they drew his blood...poor guy, it was more than just a finger prick. Got the results and headed back to the doctor where she told us that it was good news. No sign of any kind of infection. That's great! But what in the world is wrong with my baby? Bottom line, we have no idea. Our doctor seems to think that it was some kind of allergic reaction. She wrote Ryne a prescription for some steroids and said to watch and make sure his breathing is okay and that his eyes don't swell up then come back in a week and we will do some more tests. Allergy tests, I suppose.

Got the prescription filled and started. The boy didn't sleep at all Tuesday night!! Which means, neither did I...sigh. But Wednesday morning he was already looking much better as far as the swelling and there were no new red whelps. So, yeah for Ryne being better. Boo for how crazy this medicine is making him act. Totally wilder and more emotional than normal. Only four more days of it. Oh dear, four more days of it.

So, all of that to say we've had a sick baby and still don't know why. I've written down everything we did and everything he ate for the few days prior to this episode and hopefully when we go back to the doctor next week we can get the mystery solved.

I do have pictures of his red whelps and swollen joints but I figured that wouldn't be very cool of me to put here so I'll just let you use your imagination. And that is the only thing I have taken pictures of this week. Haven't been motivated to take pictures of anything else. Oh wait, there hasn't been much else. Just house cleaning and trying to keep up with our running schedule.

Yes, I said running. Oh, I can't get into that right now...I'll save that one for later.
So, here is hoping that you are not experiencing swollen joints and red whelps in your world this week. Can't tell you how thankful I am that God is with me every step of my boy crazy world!

Oh, what about Kade? Well, he was a trooper hanging out at the doctor's office with Ryne but he's had a bit of an attitude problem from time to time this week so he is currently grounded from his morning time t.v. shows for a week (which means t.v. altogether for him). I think our crazy summer schedule has kind of rocked his world and so I hope this helps him get back on track. So far, so good. He's been pretty good today!


the deKorne family said...

that is so scary! glad things are on the upswing. it is NO fun when you don't know what's wrong with your pumpkins! can't wait for pictures again soon. :)

Michelle said...

I hope you get some answers...there has to be some reason. I hope you have a great weekend though!