Sunday, August 1, 2010


I look at the calendar and it tells me that today is August 1, 2010.
Seriously??? I can hardly believe that!
Time is flying. People have always told me that the older I get the faster time will pass. Well, it seems that they are right. It seems like only yesterday that we went to visit Kyle preaching at camp and I got this picture of Ryne:

And this picture of Kade:

Well, that was one year ago already. I know because we went to visit camp again this week. You will see pictures later. Please look back and see just how much these boys have grown in a year's time. Ryne has obviously grown more than Kade but I promise Kade is growing. He is just not growing quite as quickly as Ryne right now. In fact, this summer Ryne is wearing the exact clothes that Kade wore last summer. Yikes! I'm wondering if they will be wearing the same size next year? Guess that depends on Kade's growth spurts.

Anyway, getting back to the present...
We had a busy week and when I think back about it I can't even remember what all kept us so busy. The whole family was a bit under the weather at some point the past week so that certainly made the week seem like it was just dragging on. Probably because we had a few sleepless nights. Sure made me thankful that those days are few and far between for us. I really do like my sleep! Plus, I'm one of those people who really does need my sleep to function. So let's just say I had a few days that I was very low functioning this week. But I did manage to take a few pictures and we did carry on and do some fun things in spite of the yucky feelings and sleepiness.

The boys were cheered up because packages arrived...

C.G. and Grandaddy sent some goodies.

The punch balls were a huge hit!

They have played with those things like crazy...and so have all the other kiddos that have come around this week. (As you will see in a bit, there have been quite a few kiddos around here.)

I really do wish I could better remember this past week but all that seems to come to mind before Thursday is laundry, Bible studies, making myself run when I didn't want to, dishing out medicine, and praying for my boys to sleep.
But Thursday I do remember...that's when we decided to just have fun anyway!
But first we had to take Ryne to the doctor.
Kade and Ryne had both been to the doctor the previous week. Kade had an ear infection and got medicine and was finally all better by this point. But on Thursday morning at about 5:20 I hear Ryne in the monitor saying in the most pitiful voice, "oowee, help. help, oowee, oowee. help, mommy, oowee." I wake up enough to realize what he is saying and think that he must have his arm or leg stuck in the crib. So I run to his room to find him with all limbs still inside his crib. I say, "what's wrong, baby?" And he reaches up to his little ear and starts touching it and saying again, "oowee, help mommy, oowee." I felt so bad for the poor little guy. Obviously he had an ear ache. So as soon as the doctor's office opened I called and got him an appointment.

So, I got to do my Bible study Thursday morning, which I always look forward to and then we made it to the doctor. Got Ryne some medicine and headed to meet some friends for lunch.

Red Robin with Russell, Belinda and Matt was lots of fun once we got Ryne occupied with a cup of ice cream for lunch. Oh, it was such a mess but he was finally happy and that was the important thing at that point.
And Kade was happy, too...

Mrs. Belinda was letting him play a game on her phone!
Belinda is so good with our boys. They just love her to pieces! And so do I.
In fact, they were here for dinner last night (you'll see that later) and I told Kyle that Belinda spoiled me and asked if we could just invite them to dinner every night. He said he thinks we ought to just let them move in with us. No kidding, we love Russ, Belinda, Ryan and Jana!

After a fun lunch at Red Robin we headed to camp.
Kyle wasn't preaching this year so we just went out to visit everyone and let the boys play a bit.
This is where you can look back up at the first pictures of them at camp last year and see just how much they've changed in a year.

Kade played SO HARD...

down the huge slide all by himself

down the huge slide upside down with Keith
Kade was loving the slide no doubt.
But the biggest hit was the water slide...

down it first on Mr. Craig's back

then down time and time again all by himself

Now check this out...

Look at my little bitty guy running right smack dab in the middle of that pack of big boys. Sometimes I really don't think he knows he is so little. If he does, he certainly doesn't seem to care!

Then he tried out a ride down in the boat.
then back to the ring...

I told you the water slide was a hit!


well, he did try out the big slide with Tyler and liked it pretty good.
(side note here: Tyler is a friend from AR who came up with a group from AR to help out with Sunbreak's camp. It was fun for us to see some friends from "home.")

But mostly, Ryne just let me hold him...

The fact that he even let me hold him while all the other kids were running around playing is evidence that he did not feel well at all. And if that isn't enough proof, just look at the poor guys face in this picture. Don't get too upset, he is feeling MUCH better know!

And he did feel good enough for a little bounce on the ball.

And a ride in the boat (on the grass, not on the water slide).
We did have a fun time the few hours that we spent at camp. Kade had so much fun that he passed out on the trip home and we couldn't even get him to wake up and eat supper when we got home. Little guy just curled up on the couch and went back to sleep.

Friday was spent prepping for our guests to arrive. You know we always seem to have guests but these guests are a bit different than the usual. These guests aren't just visiting. We are excited because Arin and Kristy Jenkins and their four kiddos have moved to DuPont to be a part of Life Church. Arin is going to be our Worship Leader!!
They moved here from New Hampshire. Their cross country trip landed them at our place on Friday afternoon. And they are hanging out with us until they get to move into their own place on Monday. It is a great fun bit of chaos around here right now!

Yesterday morning, Ryne and I took a little break from the chaos to go see this guy:

Our neighbor, William!
He and his mom, Michelle, were doing their belt testing for taekwondo.
Just look at this guy go..

So cool to see Mom and Son in their taekwondo uniforms together.
More of our favorite people!!

Then last night we had a PARTY at our place!

A welcome to Washington party!
You know we love adventure and we love any excuse for a party.
This was both!

Here is Arin and Kristy with Avery, Jace, Kadence and Ainsley.

And everyone else:

I think Kade and I counted 22 people at the "Welcome to Washington" party.
We did have a lot of fun and a lot of adventure with all the kiddos running around while trying to get dinner ready for that many people. Kyle cranked up the grill and, as always, did a knock-out job cooking some meat!

He even went the extra mile and cut Ryan's up for him to enjoy!

Just check out this meat eater. He was cracking me up! I think Ryan had two steaks...maybe even three??? I love it!
And I love these...

Aren't those the coolest flowers?
Remember how I was telling you that we wanted the Knights to move in with us?
They brought us these!
Plus I thought ending with the picture of the pretty flowers was better than the crazy meat-eating boy. Ha!

Looking forward to Life Church tonight!
And looking forward to a having a week of well boys in which we get a little sleep!
Hope you, too, have a restful week.

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