Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

It is looking a lot like Christmas everywhere but our house, that is.
Part of me is super bummed about that because I am really ready to break out the nativity sets, the stockings, the Christmas tree, the lights, the snowmen, the wreaths, etc. So far all I've been able to break out is the Christmas music. Christmas decorating has been postponed for a week at the Lewallen house. The only thing that gets me over being bummed about the whole situation is the very reason why the storage boxes are all still on their shelves in the garage. Something really BIG is happening this week!
Life Church is getting a new location.

This coffee shop is where we have been meeting and we have loved every minute of our time there. Leaving is sort of bittersweet for us. We definitely aren't leaving because we didn't like it there. Look at the screen in this next picture...


See the coffee shop has been getting a bit crowded. There have been occasions in which there were people standing or sitting on the floor because we ran out of chairs. Now, obviously that is a good problem. If you knew anything about DuPont, though, you would understand that it is a real problem because meeting spots are very limited. We began praying quite a while back about what we should do when we did come to a point that we needed to leave Forza. God is so amazingly faithful!!! I'm not even sure how to share all of the details for how this worked out but the short of it is this....another baptist church plant in town with a heart to see our community reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ has decided to become a part of Life Church and we are going to be able to move to their meeting spot.

And this is it!
Chloe Clark Elementary School
So much room to grow!!!
So much more potential to reach our community for Jesus!
Cannot even tell you what a blessing it is to be a part of two churches with the same heart for the Gospel coming together as one in order to hopefully have a way bigger impact on our community. Come on, seriously, I've known of more instances where one church became two because they couldn't decide on the color of carpet to put in the sanctuary. And that breaks my heart. We are just excited that we now have a gym to meet in that will hold literally hundreds of people. We are praising God for answering our prayers in such an amazing way! And we are begging God to fill that place up. Not so that people will think Life Church is a really cool church; but so that more and more people will be living to bring honor and glory to the only One who deserves it! We are excited about seeing that happen. Please pray with us!

So the part about not decorating for Christmas until next week just seems quite insignificant now doesn't it? Yep, way more important that Kyle has been working very long hours each and every day this week to make sure that everything is in place before our first Sunday at Chloe Clark. He has spent several nights already out in our garage putting his carpentry skills to work. In fact, right now he is out there making rhythm sticks for Life Kids. I'm not sure how many trips he has made to pick up things for sound, lights, media, etc. And his poor laptop is probably feeling quite abused this week it has been used so much. He is prepping for our Volunteer training day on Saturday and trying to figure out how to pack our trailer so that everything fits. All of that and still having to make sure he sets aside time to be prepared for bringing God's Word on Sunday night, because ultimately that is most important. I'm super proud of him! I'm thankful that he wants to do things well and is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make it happen. So, do I even have a right to be upset that he postponed Christmas decorating until next week? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
So, I just decorated our blog background instead and I'm a happy camper!

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Granddaddy and C.G. said...

God is sooooo good each and every day! Answers to prayers in big ways! We are so excited and can't wait to hear about Life Church this Sunday. As for decorating, I absolutely LOVE the Christmas decorating work on the blog. I know how much you love decorating your house for Christmas and that you are disappointed but I look forward to seeing pictures posted next week of your inside wonderland. Love ya bunches and bunches, Momma