Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shaping Up to be a Great December!

See this guy's shirt?

It says "I've been good all year."
Not sure I can exactly say that is a true statement. I think it should read something more like, "I've been funny all year." Just look at this kid's get-up. He is hilarious.
Then you get something like this from him....

Sound asleep at the table after lunch. Looks like an angel, huh?
If only he would have gone to sleep that easily every day of his life. Seriously, yesterday the boy didn't even take a nap and we put him back in bed about 24 times trying to get it to happen. Then last night, when you'd think he'd be completely wiped out, same thing. Would NOT stay in his bed. Oh well, maybe today will be different. That is one thing we have figured out is certain with Ryne, he is completely unpredictable! And we love our unpredictably hilarious Ryne-o.

Okay, moving on. Last post I told you Christmas decorating was postponed at our place as we were in the midst of making a big move with Life Church. I am happy to report that last weekend was just fabulous.
We started with Volunteer Training Day on Saturday. Had 28 adults show up. And we had a great time with them.

Did some team building exercises.

Got to know some new friends.

Played some fun games

And saw lots of smiles!
It was a huge success.
And then came Sunday!
Here is a quick look at our new set up at the elementary school....

Ryne had to check out some of the new toys that we had for the "big" kids.

Here are a couple of our new signs...

And the worship area all set up and waiting for people.
They came! We had 101 people our first night at the school.
Praise God for pouring his blessings out on us!

Guess what happened next?

The Christmas decorations came out!

First we put the tree up. And for the very first time we let the boys help.

Kade was very tedious in his decorating techniques.

Ryne mostly just undid everything that Kade had done.

Bottom line...they both had a blast and our tree that is usually perfectly wrapped in ribbon and ornaments hung with precise spacing so as not to leave any "holes" has taken on a different look this year.

But since it has the character that our boys gave it, I must say that I still think it is perfect!

Even if there are multiple areas with four or five ornaments hung in the same spot.
Now, I have to show you my favorite ornament on the tree this year.
I spotted this ornament when I started taking pictures. Apparently it was in the box of ornaments....

Need a different angle?

Yep, this is some sort of hook bolt that upon further inspection was supposed to be securing the bottom of the tree into the base. Must have fallen off of the base in storage and was hanging out with all the ornaments. If it was in the box, Kade put it on the tree. Yes, I left it in its spot. It makes me smile!

With the tree up we were definitely getting in the Christmas spirit. Then the boys got a package in the mail from Granna and Paw.

A book! The Very First Christmas.
This was no ordinary book. It was one of the cool recordable story books.

So the boys cuddled up with Kyle in the chair by the Christmas tree and Granna read them a story. What a fun Christmas memory.

Then we made another memory. This one not as much fun.

We had our last get together with our neighbors, the Hennings.
They moved this week. We had them over for dinner one night so we could tell them goodbye. We are so sad that they are gone. The boys are really going to miss having William and Carson next door. And I'm really going to miss having my friend, Michelle, around. That is the world we live in here in "military-ville." Friends will be coming and going for the rest of our life here. Now we will have friends in Kansas!

Life goes on and we realize that Kade has grown into his pirate sweater that Granna got him last year. And believe it or not, he was actually willing to pose for a picture since I told him it would make Granna happy to see him in his sweater.

Of course, somebody else wanted in on the action, too...

Always the funny guy, Ryne.

I'm not kidding about him being funny.
See, he like to put on hats and mittens and stand in front of the t.v.

Since Ryne was occupied with whatever show was on at the time Kade and Kyle got to sneak outside and work on our outside decorations.

I'm sure Kade was great help and it turned out just beautifully.
We are really getting in the Christmas mood around here.
Yesterday morning we even went to see Santa.
Kade has the countdown calendar out and the first thing he said when he came down the stairs this morning was, "good morning, Mom, can we change the day on our Christmas counter now?"
We are now sitting proudly on day 13!!!
Can't wait to do celebrate Christmas with these two adorable guys of mine.....

Just as an end note, I was calculating that it is 18 days until Ryne turns two.
The significance? When it was 18 days until Kade turned two we were at the hospital having Ryne. Hard to believe that Kade was Ryne's age this very day when Ryne was born. Man, time is flying! And we are enjoying the flight!

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patti said...

Merry Christmas! I have no doubt you guys are going to enjoy this one as much as we will be...I love reading because I promise g does some of the same stuff as K. I just love it! And there is a little boy at church who looks just like every Sunday it makes me smile and miss you!