Thursday, May 5, 2011

All things BABY!

I know you guys have just been itching to know how the twins are doing.
Well, I have an update!
Went to the doctor this week and got to have and ultrasound to measure our sweet babies and make sure their growth is progressing as it should.
They are doing GREAT!!
Tesa weighs about 2lbs 7oz and Tyce weighs about 2lbs 4oz.
Yep, right now our little girl is a wee bit bigger. Of course, the ultrasound tech told us that at this point they can still change so much that by the next ultrasound the baby boy could be bigger. But the good news is just that they are both doing well. And so am I!
Blood pressure was nice and low and the doctor said everything looked good. I did my glucose test and got a shot that I had to have (the whole blood typing rH factor being different with me and Kyle shot). Our doctor even gave us the thumbs up to make a trip down to California next week. Will save the details of that for another post because one is all about babies.
I was hoping to have some new ultrasound pics to show you but Tesa and Tyce weren't in a very photogenic mood. Maybe next time.

The next big bit of news that I am super excited about is getting the nursery ready!
Look what came in the mail last week...

This is our design in a box!
Created by our friend Hayden at Haven by Hayden.
You can totally go check out her stuff there.
I could hardly wait to open the box and see what she had put together....

I wish the pictures were better but I think you can still get the idea.
I was so excited about it all. I would NEVER have been able to put all of those ideas, patterns, colors together and made anything out of it. Guess that's why Hayden is the interior designer and I am not!! Ha!

Here is a look at some of the components that go in the room.

And the layout and design of the room.
Look what else she did for us...

Their names!
Of course I wanted to have everything at that very minute and get it all put together right away. But I have to admit it is a work in progress.
We have a second baby bed, Kyle has taken down the border and getting prepped to paint. Our sweet friend Kayla is lined up to do the custom painting on the walls for us. Bedding is ordered. We found a steal of a deal on the very lamp that Hayden had picked out for the room. Found it brand new on Craigs List for 40 bucks and it retails for 160 bucks!!! You bet we scooped that one up! Still working on getting the rest of the items gathered up. We've only got a couple of months to get all ready so I am getting a bit anxious about getting it all done.
I am excited to see how it is all going to come together. I will post more pics for you as we work on making it happen.

And one more baby thing...
A baby shower for our friend Jaclyn!!

Look at the adorable cake!
Yes, you totally know by now that our friend Kristy is the cake making genius in our world and this is another of her creations.

We played some fun games.

And, of course, let Jaclyn open gifts.
Here she is letting Mason model a new outfit that he got. Ha!
We are excited about sweet Mason getting here the end of this month.

To be honest, I actually missed most of the shower because my poor hubby was home sick as a dog and I didn't want to leave the boys with him for him to have to take care of. So, I tried to make sure they were napping and just ran over to be there for the shower for a little while. I am so glad I got to go. It had been a crazy morning. Sick hubby, boys due at a birthday party on post, baby shower games and food to get ready, uncooperative children....I wondered a couple of times if I'd even make it through the day. I did! And it was all worth it! I'm way too blessed to be complaining. Here's hoping you have a blessed day today!

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