Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Little Artists

Our boys love art!
They love to draw, color, play with play-doh, and most recently they have come to really take an interest in painting! YIKES! Yes, this momma is well aware that painting is the messiest of all the art forms. But what can I say, they really do like it. And who am I to stifle their creative juices, right?
So, when Kade requested that he use his Easter money from Grandaddy and C.G. to buy paints and paint brushes I agreed. Of course, Ryne had to have some, too.
And here they are putting their paints to good use for the first time.....

Ryne really seemed to be more interested in mixing his paints. I guess we didn't have just the color he was looking for so he was creating it himself. Ha!

The boys painted while I was getting dinner ready. I only stopped once to take pics so it looks like they were working on the same piece of art the entire time. But, oh NO, by the time I had dinner ready they had each created 4 masterpieces! And a little bit of mess. I must admit though that Kade's mess was quite minimal. Ryne's was a bit more extensive but nothing too major. I may have a couple of successful artists on my hands.
They still really enjoy drawing on their drawing pads, too. I will have to take some recent pics of things that Kade is drawing. He is really improving. Seriously, I can recognize the things he draws now without any hints (most of the time).

We went to a birthday part on Saturday and one of the party gifts they got was another cool art project. It included markers....maybe worse than paints, right?!
But we didn't end up with too much marker on us in the end....

I look at these pictures and see how nicely my little guys are occupied when they get to do an art project and wonder to myself, why in the world to we not do that more often?
Well, honestly, it is probably because I am not very artsy myself so I just plain don't think about it. I'm going to try to do better! And remind myself that I need to help them let their creative juices flow!

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