Sunday, December 18, 2011

Five Months....

Yikes!  We are only a month away from celebrating our babies' first half birthday.  Wow, time really is flying.
I might not have posted on their actual 5 month birthday but I did actually take the pictures on the 15th.
Here they are, our 5 month old cuties...

 Wondering why these two seem so distracted by something other than my camera?
Well, this would be why.....
 My handsome assistant, Kade!  He was good at keeping them nice and happy he just had trouble hanging out under the camera lens. 
 And before it was all said and done, he nicely asked to have his picture taken with the babies.  There they are, nice and fuzzy in the background.  Where's Ryne?  Oh, he was sleeping sweetly.  He is still such a great nap taker for me. 

Can't give you any updated stats on the babies because they don't go back to the doctor for several weeks still.  I can just assure you that they are growing.  Tesa faster than Tyce.  Already had to change out her stash of clothes again.  She is now a 6 to 9 month girl while Tyce is still hanging out in his 3 to 6 month duds.
They are both super happy babies.  Tyce is a giggler.  He smiles for miles and LOVES to have somebody, anybody, just looking at him.  Tesa is more of a talker than a giggler.  And she is our chilled-out baby girl.  Not much gets her worked up and she is happy as can be to just hang out by herself most of the time.  When it is time to sleep, she just wants to be put down in her bed and left alone.  Tyce on the other hand would rather you cuddle, pat and rock him to sleep.  I don't know that these twins could be much different.  Love them both to pieces and we are thoroughly enjoying watching there sweet little personalities develop. 

Here is a quick look at the newest thing in their world....VEGGIES....
 Tyce likes them, but not as much as cereal. 

Tesa's turn!
 She wasn't so convinced at first bite but she is now a big fan!  She certainly likes her veggies more than Tyce.  I told you they are quite different.

So much more to share but out of time for now.  The next Christmas party going down tonight.  Can't wait to get a chance to share some party pics and catch you up on all the elf adventures around here.  Have a long list of to do's that might have to get done first.  But stay tuned, I will get back here eventually!

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Anonymous said...

I knew that you would get around to this as soon as you could. are so right, they are a couple of CUTIES!!!!!!!!!! Love and miss you all. Can't wait til the 24th. love CG and Grandaddy