Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas....

Four days late!
What's my excuse this time?  Come know it's going to be a good one.  It is a good one but, in all honesty, I would rather not have an excuse at all.  We've had a household full of sickies!  Not fun at any time.  But especially not fun at Christmas time. Ryne was sick and missed a week of school.  Then both babies got sick and had to make a few trips to the doctor.  In the middle of that Kade had his turn and Kyle battled through a cold of his own.  Thankfully, I can say that I was well through it all.  Just a bit exhausted from lack of sleep, but  no illness.  And in the midst of it all, we had Christmas.  Parties, visitors, random acts of Christmas kindness to carry out, gifts to wrap and unwrap, candle light service at church, elves to search for.  We did our best to carry on.  And it was a great Christmas.  I just wasn't able to carry out my grand plan for blogging.  That plan where I would blog about each party as it happened.  A post devoted to  L.Fee and Grandaddy L.Fee and their adventures.  A day to update you on the fun we've had with our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  Well, that didn't happen.  Instead I was taking care of sick babies...and that is WAY more important.  I think you probably understand, right?  So instead you will get a random post in which I just ramble away about all of our Christmas fun! 

So get goes nothing.....
This is the only picture I got of my sweet babies all together this Christmas.  Now that everyone is feeling better I am going to recreate Christmas sometime in the next couple of days and take their Christmas pictures that I had big plans for.  Part of me wants to just forget about it but I know that if I do, I will be so upset with myself this time next year.  Oh and they were all looking so cute dressed up for our Christmas eve service.  And let me just say that the ONLY way I was able to get them all ready and to church that night was because of the BIGGEST, BESTEST surprise EVER that we got for Christmas....
C.G. and Monk Monk came!!!!
Seriously, I had NO IDEA.  Kyle didn't even know they were coming.  We had just gotten home from taking our sick babies to the doctor, had eaten lunch and put everyone down for a nap.  I was working on wrapping some packages in the kitchen when Kyle came around the corner and I heard my Mom's voice as they stepped into the kitchen.  I was completely shocked!!  I didn't even move for a few seconds trying to figure out  how they pulled that off.  Guess who was one happy girl??? ME!!!  Their timing was such a blessing.  Not just because they were here for Christmas but because they were here to help out with sick babies.  Plus we did get to have lots of fun with them.  More about that later....I must back up a bit if I think there is any chance of really catching up.

There were parties....

Our annual neighborhood Christmas party.
Tesa put on her party clothes.
Of course we ate.
Jeremy and little miss Audrey....who apparently grew tired of her party clothes.
Our fabulous driveway neighbors (we share a driveway) Joe and Claire!
The Maria's!
 We played some fun games. 

 Looks like lots of fun, huh?
 "Face Off" was my personal favorite.
 Had to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth.
 I think the "snowball fight" was Kyle's favorite.
Looks like maybe it was John's favorite, too.
We had a great time with our neighbors. 

Life Group Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Dave really went all out on his sweater.
 Tesa and Tyce sporting their party duds!
So nice to have extra arms who want to hold babies!
There were more games...
But at this point my blog seems to be tired of me and my pictures and refuses to let me upload any more.  And OH I HAVE SOOO MUCH MORE!
More party, more elves, more RACKS....LOTS of Christmas pics and fun with C.G. and Monk Monk.
Guess you will have to stay tuned for that.
And since tomorrow is my sweet Ryne's third birthday I might just not get around to finishing up for a couple of days.  But I promise I will get back to my update for those of you who really want to keep up with our virtual scrapbook Life with the Lewallens.
Feeding babies and going to bed for now!

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