Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kade's turn to party!

 Yes, Kade knows how to party, too!
And it doesn't even matter to him if it means he's sharing a party with his little brother....
 Granna and Paw were here in January and wanted to celebrate with both of the boys.
 three candles for Ryne
 five candles for Kade
 There were presents too...
 Look what Aunt Kim, Uncle B, Brandon and Taylor sent....
 batman for the wii....oh dear!
 These boxes were just the same size.
 Can you tell Kade is excited?
 Woo Pig Sooie!!!!
 Future Razorback???
 Maybe a couple of them?
 Even if they have a little growing room in those helmets.....Kade and Ryne sure do like them!
 Oh, look, perfect fit!!!
 Wait, there's more!
 Yes!!!  He loves baseball most!  I do believe I have a sports fanatic on my hands.

Enough with the presents already....where's that cookie???
 Pretty sure Ryne's face says, "mmmm this is one yummy cookie cake."
 Soon as Kade's piece of cookie was gone he had to get fully suited up...
 Cutest Razorback I've ever seen!

Then it was Kade's real Birthday...
 He got to go to his favorite place to eat...Farrelli's!  And he got presents to open from us....

 And the best one....
 The note in his hand told him that he would get to take his first ski lesson as his birthday present!
 Look at that face...Kade was listening very intently as Kyle read the ski lesson card to him.

I think this was the first time that we had gone out to eat just the six of us.  Here is proof that everyone was there....
 Can't believe these babies were already big enough to sit in high chairs at a restaurant.
 Ryne was content to color and play with his pizza dough.
 Kade was so happy he was passing out kisses!
And as if all of that wasn't enough he still go to have a piece of "Big Fat Chocolate Cake."
 And yes, he did share!  I'm glad because it is my favorite!

And the parties continue.....
The invite your friends party took place at McDonald's!!!!
Can I just tell you how incredibly happy it made me for Kade to actually be excited about a party at Mickey D's????  I did not have to clean my house either before or after the party!!!!!  I did not have to round up decorations to fit a certain theme!!!!  I did not have to come up with games and entertainment to keep all of his buddies occupied for a couple of hours!!!! I did not have to prepare one bit of anything to eat or drink!!!!  We just showed up and it happened!
 And this guy was thrilled so I couldn't have been happier!!!
 Tesa enjoyed the party with Lissa.
 Tyce enjoyed hanging out with Monk Monk. Yep, she came back again...I can tell you about that later.
 Maybe the cutest party-goer there!
 Can you tell how much Tyce is starting to look like Kade???
 Yep, Dad was happy with the McDonald's party venue as well.
 Aurelia and Maria enjoying the party.
 Ryne colored while everyone played.  Sometimes he just likes to do his own thing.  Okay, most of the time he just likes to do his own thing.
 Kade and his buddy Jace sporting their party hats.
 Passing out some Happy Meals. Yum!
 Madison and Emily enjoy the party...or at least a nugget or two.
 Nicole and Maddie with their yumminess.

 Time to sit on the throne....
 And have some cake....
Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday dear Kade, Happy Birthday to you!!!

And a funny story about the cake. 
See this cute girl.....
 We don't have a clue who she is.  But she and her mom were visiting McDonald's while our party was going on and she was incredibly curious.  We were just getting over a crazy winter storm and lots of people had lost power.  This sweet girl and her mom had been without power for days.  Kyle thought that was certainly deserving of an invite to our party.  So, she joined us!  I think she was the happiest little girl ever to be attending the party of someone she didn't know.  Oh, we took her mom some cake, too!

What comes after cake????  Presents of course....
 And then to top it all off....
 Goody bags for everyone!!!!

It was a fabulous party!  And this Mom definitely recommends McDonald's parties if you want to lay off the stress of party planning and hosting for a year!  Or two, or three.....wonder how long we can keep Kade excited about McDonald's????

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