Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still here....just buried under laundry most of the time!

 Hi there!  Two days ago these guys were 8 months old....
 Can you even believe it?  Eight months already!
 They are growing up fast and every day is a new adventure with these two.
 At their last doctors appointment Tesa weighed 19lbs 5oz and Tyce weighed 17lbs 7oz.
 Tesa not only weighs two pounds more but she has two more teeth than Ryne.  He is still our toothless grinner.
 They both love to eat and have recently discovered the joy of feeding themselves those yummy sweet potato puffs for babies.  If Tesa even sees them sitting on the table she goes crazy until we give her some.
 They aren't quite crawling yet but definitely on the verge.  They both roll all over the floor and Tyce can get anywhere he wants to by rolling there. 
I think both of them understand everything we say to them and they both jabber like crazy.
 We get lots of "Ma-Ma's and Da-Da's" but nothing else that we can understand yet.
Tesa loves to wave and practices all the time. Tyce has waved a few times but doesn't seem as fascinated with it as his sister.
The highlight of their week is church on Sunday nights.  The just love being in the nursery and trying to keep up with all the activity that goes on in there.  By the time I get them home on Sunday night they are so overstimulated that they don't know which way is up.  But I am happy that they have so much fun being with other people.  

What's that?  You don't remember seeing their 7 month pics????
Oh, you caught me!  I missed posting those.  Shucks, for that matter, I've missed posting everything in our lives for the past few months.  Why?  Oh, surely it didn't have anything to do with trying to dig myself out from all the dirty stuff around here.  There is ALWAYS something screaming "CLEAN ME" at this house.  Dirty clothes. Dirty dishes.  Dirty diapers.  Dirty floors.  Dirty boys.  You get the picture right!?!
And if I'm not busy cleaning something then I'm feeding something.  I calculated the other day and between bottles and baby food, Tesa and Tyce eat 8 times a day...each.  That is SIXTEEN feedings a day just for the babies.  And go figure, the other boys around here think they should eat at least three times a day.  We won't even count the times they ask for snacks. Ha!  So, I'm not going to make excuses for my lack of posts.  Oh, wait, I think I just did.  So never mind.  I'll just do my best to catch up little by little.  

And my first attempt will be to show you those 7  month pics that you missed. 
Here ya go.....
 And my favorite....
Fighting over the 7 months old sign. Ha!  I can feel much more of this coming in our future.

Now, you are caught up on the littlest members of our family.  But there is so much more that you should check back for.  There are parties galore...Ryne's and Kade's birthday parties plus some parties we attended.  Kade has been skiing TWICE now.  Ryne is trying his luck again with big boy underwear.  I flew to Arkansas for my best friend Billye's wedding.  My sister got engaged!!!!!  See, I told you, a lot has been going on....and all of that stuff happening has left for little time to actually tell you about.  So, keep checking back.  You just never know when I might steal away for a bit and get a new post ready for ya!  
Hope you had a happy St. Paddy's day!
Here's how we celebrated....

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Deby Prince said...

I'm amazed by all that you do, Terry! Monkey engaged???? So much news!! I love, love, love seeing these pictures of those absolutely beautiful babies. Tesa seems so much like her big brothers. Has anyone ever told you that Tyce looks like your dad? I've been thinking that, but it seems that way more than ever. Either way, they are precious! We think about, pray for, and love & miss you guys a LOT!! -Deby