Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everyday is a New Adventure

Thought I would send out a few new pictures from our world the past couple of days. Last Saturday we got to go to a college football game....local college here (PLU)....a kid we know from Spiro goes to school there and is on the football team. His family came up for the game and we got to spend some time with them on Saturday and Sunday. Derek and Alissa arrived on Saturday night and we are glad that they are here now. The rest of our "stuff" got here on the moving truck Monday. Now I feel like I'm starting all over again with the unpacking and figuring out where to put things. Kyle has been busy doing all the things that I can't the roof...painting Kade's room....putting together Kade's furniture, etc. I've been doing laundry and chasing Kade around.

Kade got some new rain boots from C.G. today...He loves them!!!

A wagon ride to the mailbox

Kade thinks he needs to check out all the mail first.

Kyle on top of the roof trying to clean the gutters and remove the moss.

Kade was very excited that "D" and "Lissa" got here. He quickly had them become a part of his band!
Another pic of Kade and his new rainboots.

Watching the football game on Saturday.

Daddy and Kade getting a closer look at the game.

Hanging out with our friends at the game.

A view of Mt. Ranier from our city...look over the tree tops. It wasn't the best day to see the mountain but it was still breathtaking.

Kade sporting his Arkansas gear. I don't think he has any idea how far away we really are from Arkansas. The plane ride wasn't that long.

Kade wanted to sit in his monkey's lap while he watched me clean up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ter! These pics make me miss you even more!! Love the house!! Love the mountains! Love Kade's rain boots! Love YOU!! Love, love, love! Miss you, friend!! Love, Bib

aimee said...

Hey Girl!! Patti told me you had a blog. Your family is PRECIOUS!! Great to find you on here. I will have to keep up with you! Love ya!

ashleydiggs said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I'm glad that I found you!!

Emily said...

is it possible for kade to get cuter every single time i see his picture?

Lydia and Scotty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you......
Love, Lydia