Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We've made it to Washington!

Well, here we go....jumping into the wonderful world of blogging. So many people have been kind enough to request that we keep in touch that we figured the easiest way to do so was to start a blog. So, here we are in Washington...11 days now and still unpacking boxes. We love our new house and Kade seems to be adjusting well. Our camera suffered some damage on its journey to Washington and only takes periodic photos and they never seem to be the "best" photo ops. All that to say that we have a couple of pictures of Kade at the pumpkin patch but that's about it for now. When we get a new camera (that my mom is so kind to send as an early birthday present) we will be sure to get more pics on this fabulous new blog of ours! Love to all of you from miles across the country!

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D said...

I'm thrilled that you have this blog now! The colors in your pictures are beautiful! We miss you! Love ya lots! -Deby