Saturday, June 13, 2009

The End of Arkansas

It has been a while....remember my last post was noting that I was behind....since we got back home to Washington, however, I still want to tell you about the end of our trip to Arkansas. This is what we did:
Celebrated C.G.'s Birthday! Her birthday isn't actually until next week but she will be on the road traveling to see us and we won't be able to celebrate with her so we decided to celebrate on Sunday night before we had to leave on Tuesday.
Kade helped me decorate the cake:

He wanted all the sprinkles in one spot.

And all the candles in one spot, too.

And of course he had to help C.G. blow out her candles.

Ryne didn't care that he was missing out on the cake action because he was having his own party with Monk Monk.

Kade is pushing C.G.'s birthday present to was heavy.

And of course he helped her unwrap it.....and surprise, C.G., a sewing machine!!!

On Monday, I had an appointment with my Optometrist. I have the BEST optometrist EVER!!!
Here are some highlights of my visit:

Isn't she the cutest eye doctor ever? And she is so sweet, too. I think she's probably too young to be a doctor but she did a great job.

That's me behind the eye-checking equipment. See how sweet my eye doctor is, she was willing to take my picture for blog purposes. What a dear!

And here she is in action, peering into my eyeballs to make sure everything is looking okay.
I got two thumbs up from the eye doctor. Seriously, you guys, my kid sister is the best eye doctor ever!!! And you thought I probably freaked some poor optometrist out by asking her to take pictures for my blog!!!! My sister is cool like that! She even took me out to lunch after my appointment! Thanks, Monk, I had a great time!

On Tuesday we headed to Little Rock. Had an appointment to have the boys pictures taken before we flew out that afternoon. It was quite hot in Arkansas that day and our photo session was outside...yucky. When we get pics, I will share with you. The boys looked cute but none of us were very happy being hot so it was good when we were done. Then we headed to meet some friends for lunch before we had to be at the airport.

Grandma Deby got to come!!!!! Ryne was so happy to meet Grandma Deby and Kade was excited to see her, was I!

Ronda got to stop in for a quick visit. Here she is hanging out with Mrs. Nancy.

Jennilee, Noah, and Austin got to come see us, as well. Ryne is helping Mrs. Jennilee get ready for the arrival of Eli (Berry boy #3) in August.

After our late lunch get together we went to the airport. I won't say much about our trip home because it just wouldn't be much fun to think about it again. The main thing is, we did make it home! And I was very glad. It was a great trip to Arkansas. And it was great to be back home in Washington. We really missed this guy:

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