Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Far In June....

We are almost half way through with June now. How did that happen so fast? It is already June 13th! What have the Lewallen's been up to in June?
Well see this cute little guy:

When we got him home from our trip to Arkansas he got to have green beans as his first real food. See if you think he liked them?

Yep, he thought they were yummy. So far now he has had green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and carrots. Seemed to really like everything but peas. He's still growing and being loud and busy.

As for Kade:

He has been busy playing with his new friends. While we were in Arkansas we got new neighbors that moved in across the street. They have two little girls and Kade has become big buddies with them. Naomi and Meagan have been over several times to play and we see them almost every day.

Naomi thought it would be cool to hold Kade for this picture.

The weather here has been super nice. Lots of days to play outside.

And here is Kade putting his dump truck to work.

He was unloading clover flowers that he picked to go into Naomi's new garden.

Just look how hard these three were working on this new garden. Don't worry, all of those pretty flower petals were ones that had fallen off and they gathered them up from off of the ground and not directly from our pretty azaleas and rhodies!

Ryne isn't quite big enough for all of the gardening so he likes to hang out in his exersaucer and watch it all happen. And when he gets bored he just chews on his cow for a bit.

June is Washington is really nice. We are enjoying ourselves tremendously. Wednesday night and Thursday morning Bible studies are trucking right along. We've had new people joining us for the past several weeks which is pretty exciting. I'll try to remember to share more about that sometime soon. God is amazingly good to us and we are getting to see Him work in the lives of other people that we are ministering to and that is very cool. We are getting ready to "go public" with our new church plant and the website is almost ready to go. You can check out what's there already at

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