Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping Big Waves and Lunch Dates

This past Friday grocery shopping HAD to be done.
You know what I mean by HAD to be done. No milk for the two year old, no formula for the 10 month old and no orange juice for the 32 year old (that would be Kyle), all of which are daily necessities at our house. It was a rainy day and I expressed to Kyle about how I dreaded having to go to the grocery store because there just was never a good time to go. Anyone else ever had that dilemma? If we get ready and go right after the gym and breakfast then there is no way to be back in time for Ryne's morning nap and he would end up all cranky in the buggy right in the middle of our trip to the grocery store. If we wait until after his morning nap then we only have about an hour before lunch time....and me and the boys CANNOT complete a trip to buy groceries in an hour. Then after lunch is naptime for Kade and Ryne. Cannot afford for Kade to miss his afternoon nap and Ryne is much more pleasant with nap number 2 under his belt as well. Okay, so we just go when afternoon naps are over at about 3:00....maybe not such a terrible idea if we plan to do something easy for supper. EXCEPT, this was Friday afternoon and traffic on the interstate is CRAZIER than CRAZY on Friday afternoon from about 3:00 to 6:00 or later. Probably would have spent more time on the interstate than at the store.
See, what I'm saying about not a good time????
So, my sweet hubby volunteered to go for me!!! Just said "make me a list".
I handed him the sale papers and the coupons and said I would work on the list but that the sale papers and coupons were a big part of going to the store. I could tell that was very exciting to him! Ha Ha! I was very excited that he was willing to go. And I still love him for being willing even though his plans were thwarted. It was a good thwarted, though. A deal came along for a trailer that we were needing for Life Church storage (so our garage could house cars again) and Kyle had to pursue it during his scheduled grocery run.
Now, you are wondering how the Lewallens would survive without milk, formula and orange juice aren't you?
Don't worry we had a family outing to Burger King for supper and then to good old Wally World for groceries.... in the pouring down rain mind you.... on Friday night. It was eventful to say the least. Checking sale papers, marking off the list, comparing prices, two bathroom breaks for Kade, steady stream of graham crackers headed Ryne's way, figuring out where to put the bread so that neither Kade nor Ryne smashes it, figuring out where to put Kade so that the groceries don't smash him, trying to figure out how close we are to being out of grape jelly even if it's not on the list we might run out and forget to put it on the list next time so we better just get some while we're thinking about it.....Can I just say that I was SO glad that Kyle was there to take Kade to the potty?!
I do think Kyle realized just why it is that grocery store trips take me so long.

Our next big family adventure came on Sunday afternoon when we headed here:

The Pacific Ocean

We heard that there were huge waves pounding the coast as a result of a storm that blew in. On Saturday there were 25 foot waves coming in every 15 - 20 seconds.
We had to check it out.

Here is some of what we saw:

The waves were not quite as big on Sunday but they were still amazing.
Probably 15 - 18 footers.

And of course we saw lots of these:

Kade's favorite...the birds of the beach!

Just another shot of the ocean with a really neat cloud formation.

And yes, we did get out. Kade couldn't just sit in the car and watch. Not when there was water to splash in and birds to chase!

Here is Mr. I Really Just Want to Splash in the Water...

Look, Mom taught me how to jump up and down and make my very own mud puddle.

Oh, never mind, I found a good mud puddle that was not near as much work. You should have seen this one splash!

And Mr. Happy to Be Anywhere Outside....

I really think Ryne was laughing at this:

See Kade Run

See bird fly!
Why he still thinks he has a chance at catching those silly birds, I'll never know, but he does love to chase them.

Ryne didn't get to do much bird chasing. Thankfully he was happy with this:

It was a stroller day for the little guy!

Hi everybody! I'm having lots of fun hanging out at the beach in my stroller!

An added bonus...our neighbors drove up and met us at the beach and we got to hang out with them, too. Then we all went to dinner together. Fresh seafood! Yummy, Yummy!

And my favorite picture of the day:

Just look at Ryne....He makes me laugh every day!

And I couldn't leave Kade out of the self portrait opportunity:

This boy had too much fun and was soaking wet by the time we got ready to leave.
Good thing Mommas know to pack a change of clothes when we are going to the beach just to "watch the waves".

Last night we had guests arrive to stay with us. Our friend Russell, from West Virginia is back scoping things out some more and he brought his friend Casey with him. So today Kyle has been out and about with those guys. I decided for some crazy reason that I wanted to get out of the house for fun and not for necessity (like that grocery trip on Friday). So I made up my mind that I was going on a lunch date with my boys. Yep, just me and the two little Lewallen boys, out for lunch. Kade wanted to go to Burger King and eat pizza. I had to break it to him that Burger King doesn't have pizza and then I had to figure out which one he was more interested in....Burger King?....or.....Pizza? Turns out that it was pizza that he really wanted so we hit up our local pizza joint, Farrelli's.
Kade knew exactly what he wanted. No need to check out the menu so he just set to work coloring me a picture:

That is Sprite that he ordered for himself in the cup beside his art work.

And that is his pizza with, and I quote, "I need mushrooms, and spinach, and I need chicken, and that's everything I need on it."
I love letting Kade order for himself at restaurants. It always makes the server smile!

As for Ryne...he had finished his two jars of baby food before we even ordered and so he spent the rest of our lunch date chowing down on crackers and pizza crust.

I can't believe how grown up this little guy is getting. Before I know it he will be ordering his own pizza with mushrooms and spinach and chicken!
We had a great lunch date. I was proud of the boys because they did really well. And I have to say, I was proud of myself for giving them a chance.

Oh, Guess what I found today?
We were getting ready for our lunch date and just look what I found:

A curl!
Maybe Ryne is going to have some curls after all?

Kyle just called and said the plan is to go out for dinner tonight with our guests.
Eating out twice today???
What is the world coming to?
I was just supposed to be doing laundry and dishes and stuff like that!

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Amber said...

Those pictures of the ocean are amazing. So beautiful.

And I feel you on the grocery shopping. UGH. It is an allday event for us, too. Seriously...have to set aside a day just for that. Ridiculous.

Your boys couldn't be any cuter!!