Monday, November 16, 2009


I am a bit sleep deprived today so I figure I will probably just ramble along until I get everything said that I want to say and I'll probably end up adding things that I'll look back later and think, "why did I tell everybody that?" Yep, one of those sleep deprived kind of days. The boys are napping now and this would be my opportunity to nap but for some reason I feel the need to blog before Ryne wakes up and tries to take over my computer. I cannot do any computer work in his presence these days....for some reason every time my computer is open he attacks it. Maybe he likes the sound of the keys being pecked away at or then again maybe he doesn't like the computer at all and is simply trying to destroy it. I may never know. What I do know is that his obsession with an open laptop makes it hard for me to do my online teaching work, my blogging, my emailing, and my facebooking...what other choice do I have but to forgo the nap in order to enter the wonderful land of blog?
So, why do I need that nap? Well, Ryne didn't sleep well at all last night. I am blaming in on teeth but I'm not really positive. He was easily consoled and back to sleep within minutes but the episodes occurred almost every hour. Kyle was out of town for a conference to I was the solo Mommy who got up every hour. Made me so thankful that he is such a great Daddy and would have taken his turn had he been home. On top of Ryne's sleeplessness add Kade to the mix. Somewhere around 2 am he decided to come get in bed with me since Daddy was out of town. That's all well and fine except for the fact that he wanted to chit chat! I don't know how many times I had to tell him to quit talking and go to sleep...each time was followed by, "but Mom, I just need to tell you something...."
I think I finally managed about four hours last night and that is on the generous figuring scale. I averaged four hours of sleep all through college and seemed to truck right on as if that were normal. Guess I've gotten old since then because 4 hours just don't cut it anymore for me.

Big news:
Friday afternoon I got to go to the grocery store alone. That's right I said all by myself! I asked Kyle if he would watch the boys because I wanted to take advantage of a couple of good sales that were happening at Safeway and Albertsons. You see I don't do "two grocery store shopping trips" with my boys in tow so this was going to be an exception if Kyle would watch them. He agreed and you would have thought that I was very thankful. I was so happy to be getting out alone that I might as well have won a day at the spa. But no...even better....88 cent Ragu....1.00 shredded cheddar....1.67 Captain 1 sarah lee oven fresh pie get a second free along with two free tubs of bryers ice cream!
It was nice and I really enjoyed some "me" time even if it was "me and a shopping cart".

On to another topic. I keep journals for Kade and Ryne. Started the both when the boys were born. I did a pretty decent job of keeping up with Kade's until Ryne was born and since then I have really struggled with keeping up with either of them on a very regular basis. I like to write to them about what they have been doing, what stage of development they are in, what kinds of food they like, new skills they've learned, trips we've taken, how they are growing, and what I've been praying for in their lives. Well, I decided last night would be a good night to catch up since Kyle was out of town. I opened Ryne's journal first because I wanted to be sure to get an entry in for him...since I did so good with Kade his first year. I was ashamed. I hadn't written since May 30th! I had the whole summer to try to document for him and I did my best to remember everything. Six or seven journal pages later I moved on to Kade's journal. Real shame hit me! I hadn't written in Kade's journal since January 18th..the day after his second birthday. I was overwhelmed and didn't know how I would possibly get everything caught up for him. If you keep up with our blog, you know Kade is one very busy little guy who is constantly into something new and one of the funniest 2 year olds I know. Then it hit me that somehow I'm going to figure out how to print out my blog for both of them. It may not be written to them like their journals are but it definitely helps me document their lives. So in the words of Sid the Science Kid that was my "Uper Duper Super Shmuper Big Idea" for the night. Now I've just got to figure out how to make it happen.

So let me move right along and stop all the rambling. I know what the Grandparents are on here looking for anyway. PICTURES!

Here's what I've got:

Kade built a giant sandwich for "D" when we went out to eat the other night.
He was really into building that day because when we got home he built some giant towers and ships out of his blocks. Of course this was after Ryne went to bed or they would have never gotten this big. Check them out:

Maybe he's going to be a builder? I think he has skill.

Guess what else we learned works out well after Ryne's bedtime?
Haircuts for Kade!
He can sit in a chair watching a movie and let me cut away without the worry of little brother crawling through the hair and tracking all over the house.
Here are the haircut results:

Still a little wet from bath time but you get the idea. He always looks so grown up to me when he gets his hair cut. It is going to be Ryne's turn before long. I'm trying to hang on until that first birthday mark before we cut it. I just know he won't look like a baby at all anymore when he gets his hair cut. And he is still my baby!

We went pre-hair cut for some pictures at the park last week. Mostly because I wanted some ten month pictures of Ryne....why?....well, because I missed getting nine month pictures. Here are some of the results. I won't bore you with commentary on each picture so just take a look:

And here is one of just me and my best friend:

It is so good to have a best friend who will grant you a solo trip to the grocery store every now and then! I love him!

So, until I have time to ramble again....hope you are enjoying life!


kapjones said...

Oh Terry! This is probably the hardest stage when you have two kiddos. It's sad that we get excited about grocery trips alone! I laughed at your Walmart trip a few posts ago. I gotta tell you my experience once when my boys were your boys' age. Middle of Walmart and Will needs to potty. Stop shopping and head to bathrooms. Get Tyler out of buggy along with Will who has smooshed a lot of the items already. Get inside bathroom stall and Will does his thing. When we leave restroom, I notice there's a urinal and a man washing his hands at the sink. How embarrassing! The kids had me so scatter-brained I went into the men's restroom! Gotta love it!

oh and by the way - I LOVE the pictures at the park!!!

The Haywoods said...

You can go to and they have a way for you to download your blog and have it printed up. I have seen other people who've done that, and want to do that myself one day! Love the pictures!

Amber said...

I'm with the commentor can get your blog printed and bound into book form. It's pretty pricey, but I've decided to do it. This has become the scrapbook of our family's life, and I think it will be worth the money.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.