Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nothing out of the Ordinary

I'm not real certain what "ordinary" is in our world. But I have to say that this week feels like there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. Feels kind of nice.
I guess these are the things that I consider ordinary:

Sunday morning Kade wanted to wear one of his pirate eye patches to church. I guess he felt bad for the three patches that didn't get to go trick or treating. Once we got in the car I found out that he had brought along an extra one for me to wear as well. How sweet.

We did let him wear his eye patch in the car on the way to church and I was a good sport and put mine on for a few minutes, too. Had to tell him that we didn't want to frighten any of the babies in the nursery in order to convince him to leave them in the car.

I think Ryne played hard in the nursery Sunday morning....

His hair looked as if it had gotten caught up in a whirlwind.

Kade saved his energy up because I think he had a feeling that Lissa would take him to the playground to play after church.

He was right!
On the days that we have Life Church services Kade has learned that we hang around after church and load up stuff that Sunbreak lets us borrow for childcare. While the loading is happening Lissa watches him play on the playground. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids pick up on routines?

And how quickly they learn to open drawers and cabinets and get out things that they shouldn't?

Yep, that is a box of 120 ish ziploc baggies all emptied on the kitchen floor.
You would've thought Ryne had found a treasure trove of toys.

We had our third Life Church service on Sunday night and it was excellent!
We talked about how everybody wants perfection but nobody wants to change. About how God wants to take all the bad stuff and chisel it away so that we are his original masterpiece.
Met quite a few new people who were visiting Life Church for the first time. And of course got to visit with many of our Life Church "regulars". It was a great night and we are praising Jesus for all that He is doing in DuPont and begging Him to use us as vessels to introduce the lost people here to Himself, the Hope of the World!

Monday was a beautiful day. Nice and sunny. We know that the rainy season is going to hit very soon and there may be many long sunless days so we want to take advantage of any nice days we get. So on Monday afternoon we loaded the boys up and went for a bike ride. To the library.
Kade loves to go to the library. He likes to play there and he likes that he can borrow new movies to watch and he enjoys filling up his library basket with books.
His one request when we set out for the library was to get "Jack and the Beanstalk". For some reason he is really fond of that story right now. We found a video of Jack and the Beanstalk and put that in the basket. Last time we checked out a brand new book of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and Kade sat and listened to me read all 42 of them in one sitting. By the third time we read through the book I could say one line and stop and he would tell me the next line. I was pretty amazed that he would sit and listen to 42 nursery rhymes all at one time and then for him to start learning them so Two year olds are pretty amazing! He wasn't sure he wanted to give the Mother Goose book back so we found another one with some different nursery rhymes in it and that worked.

What does Ryne think about the library?
Well, he usually crawls around and plays and requires that I keep up with him closely to keep him from pulling books off of the shelves. But this time he was pretty easy. Why? Well, you remember that new "skateboard" helmet that I got for my birthday that he was so attached to? I wore it on the bike ride and as soon as it came off of my head at the library he snatched it up.

And pretty much kept himself occupied playing with my helmet the entire time we were there.

Tuesday was vote day, try to clean house day, and baby sit for the neighbor day. I did make butternut squash for the first time. Kyle liked, not so much. Good thing I only got one of those at the market.

Today is get ready for Bible study at our house day...
which translates
But I am taking a break to blog...should really be grading some chapter 4 labs for my chemistry students but this is way more fun. I will grade labs later when I'm not needing a "fun" break.

Before I get back to the laundry let me show you how Kade made great use of the laundry basket this morning. Ryne was napping and I was getting a shower. When I came out to check on Kade this is what I found:

All curled up nice and comfy in the laundry basket or his "boat" as he would be sure to correct me. I guess since it's not as big as the couch it doesn't get to be a "ship"?

What was he doing there?

Watching Jack and the Beanstalk!
For the second time!
He would go on to watch it two more times before lunch.
Anything you want to know about Jack?
Just ask Kade, I'm sure he's got the story memorized.

My favorite part of the Faerie Tale Theater version of "Jack and the Beanstalk"....
Jack's mother is "Mona". You remember....Angela's Mom....Tony and Angela....Who's the Boss....Red-headed Mona....yep, that's Jack's Mom!

Okay, dirty diaper and laundry are calling...Have a super duper day and Happy November to you!

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Michelle said...

I loved nursery rhymes too and still do. I'm excited to hear more about your church. I played in laundry baskets when I was little. I don't remember what they were in my little world but remember loving to play in them.